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TCT NANOTEC CO., LTD.--Movable chair, knock-down (K/D) furniture

Adjustable desk and movable chair offered by TCT NANOTEC CO., LTD. constitute a dynamic workstation ideal for school children, SOHO people and office workers. Established in 1983, TCT was the first company to set up a large-scale furniture chain in Taiwan and one of the first to introduce melamin... Full Story

TCT NANOTEC CO., LTD. Builds Ergonomics Into Its Furniture

As living standards have improved, consumers everywhere have been demanding furniture with an ergonomic design. Taiwanese manufacturers have been adapting their operating strategies to this trend, and among the most aggressive of the lot is the TCT Furniture Industrial Corp, an affiliate of the TCT ... Full Story

TCT Nanotec Co.--Ergonomics- oriented desks & chairs

TCT Nanotec Co. is a professional manufacturer of ergonomics-oriented desks and chairs for both children and adults. Its products allow users to adjust and change positions properly to keep their spines in good shapes. "We're committed to providing our customers with healthy, safe, eco-friendly and ... Full Story


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