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展览日期: 2007/07/11~2007/07/13
展出地点: Centro Banamex en el Hipodromo de las Americas
墨西哥 墨西哥市
CENS 摊位号: 2922

PAACE Automechanika Mexico`s international character was visible by the 11 international pavilions from Germany, Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan and exhibitors came from 20 countries.

The exhibition was attended by the makers of original equipment, the aftermarket, service, tools and accessories marketers and by practically the whole of the automotive sector`s productive chain.

The technical seminars for industry professionals covered three days and were attended by almost 4,000 specialists. The seminars offered a full program of conferences, starting with one about diagnosis, and outline technologies regarding, battery upkeep, advice on the purchase of a patrimony, brake system maintenance, steering and suspension parts, automotive transmission operating systems, and leakage detection.

  • 台湾车辆零配件总览


    2021-04 版

    对国内的汽车、机车、特种车辆零配件暨维修工具和制造设备等厂商资料,有著钜细靡遗的介绍,此书早已在国内外市场上建立屹立不摇的信誉。 台湾车辆零配件总览一年二期,出刊月分别为四月及九月,敬请期待。

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    在找手工具及其他手工具相关产业之产品吗?千万不要错过「台湾手工具年鉴」。这本书让您对台湾手工具产品有深入而完整的报导,内容包罗万象,轻松找到您想要采购的商品,想要得到外国买主的注意吗?快来跟我们联络,一起将您的高品质产品外销到全球! ...(更多)