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展览日期: 2007/09/20~2007/09/23
展出地点: 西贡国际展览会议中心
胡志明市, 越南
CENS 摊位号: Hall B, #568

Machinery and Equipment for the Plastics and Rubber Industries
.Machines and Equipment for Preprocessing, Recycling
.Extruders and Extrusion Plants
.Injection Molding Machines
.Blow Molding Machines
.Machinery for Foam, Reinforced Resins
.Other Processing Machines for the Plastics and Rubber Industries
.Bags Making Machines
.Heat-cutting & Sealing Machines
.Rubber Processing Machinery
.Finishing Machines
.Welding Machines
.Moulds and Dies
.Auxiliary Equipment
.Process Control Equipment
.Test and Measuring Equipment
.Printing Machinery
.Parts and Components

.Converting Machinery
.Packaging Machinery
.Packaging Materials
.Raw Materials & Auxiliaries
.Fiberboard Packages, Paper, Bags and Folding Cartons
.Rigid Packages, Glass Bottles & Tin Cans
.Flexible Packaging
.Quality Control Systems
.Dosing, Coding & Marking Systems
.Physical Distribution Systems, Logistics
.Research Centres, Packaging Magazines & Associations

.Printing, Machinery & Accessories
.Packaging Print & Process Systems
.Printing Materials & Supplements
.Post-Printing Machinery & Equipment
.Coating Equipment
.Silk Screen Printing
.Pre-Printing Systems
.Envelope Making Machines
.Inks, Feed and Ink Level Control Devices for Inking Units
.Knives, Cutting Disks, Scorers or Slitters
.Numbering Units & Machines
.Color Measuring Equipment
.Drying Units & Folding Machines

Food Processing Machinery & Equipment
.Assorted Food & Beverage Processing Equipment
.Drink / Juice Processing Equipment
.Food Sterilizing Machinery & Equipment
.Bakery & Confectionery Equipment
.Agricultural Product Processing
.Fruit & Vegetable Processing
.Bakery System
.Flour Mill
.Cleaning / Sanitary Systems & Equipment

Technology Equipment
.Flavor, Pulp & Paste Making Machinery / Equipment
.Pasteurizing Equipment
.Pharma Products & Machinery
.Freezing & Cold Storage
.Food Canning & Bottling Equipment
.Refrigeration Systems / Compartment
.Food Dryers
.Food Equipment & Supplies
.Cleaning / Washing Equipment
.Testing / Measuring & Coding Equipment
.Standardization Equipment
.Forming, Feeding & Filling Machinery
.Display Shelf / Cabinets / Tables

Other Related Machinery, Parts, and Services