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Ecolighting, Inc.--Lighting driver, lighting source, lighting fixture

Ecolighting, Inc., founded in the Hsinchu Science Park, northern Taiwan in July 2008, is a highly specialized maker of modern lighting drivers and control modules for LED (light emitting diode) lighting fixtures. Besides being a maker of increasingly popular LED lighting, whose maturation is driv... 详全文

Ecolighting Inc.--LED lights with smart technologies

Ecolighting Inc. builds many intelligent technologies into its LED lights including MR16, downlight, spotlight, grid lighting fixture, wall lamps, streetlights, garden lights and wall wash lights. The smart technologies include embedded power factor correction (PFC) IC and pulse width modulation ... 详全文

公司名称: 绿明科技股份有限公司
联络人: sale@ecolighting.com.tw (sale@ecolighting.com.tw)
电话: 886-2-8228-0566
传真: 886-2-8228-0577