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Winride International Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1987, Winride International Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and manufacturing high-quality hand-tool products such as hex key wrenches, folding wrenches, star key wrenches, ball point wrenches, bits and bits sockets, sockets etc. In line with a changing global demand for high-quali... 详全文

Yang Bey Industrial Co., Ltd. -- Packaging Material Dispenser

With more than 25 years of manufacturing experience, Yang Bey Industrial Co., Ltd. has become one of Taiwan's leading specialized manufacturers of professional tools. The company exports its products under own brand of "YBICO." The company boasts it is capable of rolling out a wide range of strap... 详全文

公司名称: 元贝实业股份有限公司
联络人: 游英玉 (业务经理)