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Kuang Shin Enterprise Co., Ltd.--Children’s furniture

Established in 1987 as a manufacturer of metal office furniture parts, Kuang Shin Enterprise Co., Ltd. has in recent years expanded its production to include children’s furniture. Since entering the children’s furniture line, Kuang Shin has steadily upgraded its R & D. The company recently develo... 詳全文

Taiwan-based PC Desk Makers Do Well Despite Global Downturn

As in many other export segments, the emerging market rivals from China and Vietnam have been over the past 20 years encroaching the market shares commanded by Taiwan-based suppliers of furniture. Besides moving offshore to reduce cost, integrating resources in Taiwan to achieve synergy, and sharpen... 詳全文

公司名稱: 廣欣國際企業有限公司
地址: 504 彰化縣秀水鄉彰水路二段102巷63號
電話: 886-4-769-1028
傳真: 886-4-768-2709
網址: www.kuangshin.com