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CFU’s one-stop production creates quality OA office furniture

⬛ Huang Chi-ming Chyn Fuh Enterprise (CFU), founded in 1993, has been focused on mold design, and now, due to market demand, they have directed resources into designing and producing OA metal furniture. CFU also offers other diverse product lines, such as office filing cabinets, storage cabinets,... 詳全文

Chyn Fuh: A Quality OA Metal Furniture Maker

Chyn Fuh Enterprise, founded in 1993, entered the market with the sole aim of offering other OA metal furniture options for customers. Since its inception, Chyn Fuh has focused on designing and producing OA metal furniture, providing various office use products, including file cabinets, storage cabi... 詳全文

Chyn Fuh Enterprise Co., Ltd.--Belveled-edge mobile cabinets

Chyn Fuh Enterprise Co., established in 1993 in southern Taiwan, manufactures knock-down (K/D) office furniture and modular furniture, with a particular focus on office and computer desks. The company is promoting a beveled-edge mobile cabinet series for computer desks and office desks. The cabin... 詳全文

公司名稱: 欽富企業股份有限公司
地址: 908 屏東縣長治鄉繁昌村中山路172號
電話: 886-8-762-0055
傳真: 886-8-762-5986
網址: www.cfu.com.tw