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Sanitar Co., Ltd.

Bathroom ware, toilets, basins, bathtubs, related accessories

2008/03/05 | By Steve Chuang | SANITAR CO., LTD.

Since its inception in 1986 in Taipei County, northern Taiwan, Sanitar Co., Ltd. has been specialized in manufacturing bathroom fittings, ware and related products for used in homes and public spaces.

With a workforce of more than 680 persons at its 33,650-square-meter plant in Taiwan and other overseas branches, the ISO 9001: 2000-certified company boasts sound organization management and marketing resources, succeeding in exporting its high-profile products to world's major markets, including the U.S., Canada, China, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

The company offers a comprehensive range of products, including decorative wash basins and shelves, decorative suits, toilets, SPA bathtubs, urinals, faucets, and related accessories, which feature compact exterior design and are easy to keep clean. Sticking religiously to quality, the company provides 10-year warranty for its products and timely services for its customers.

Also, Sanitar pays great attention to R&D, applying advanced equipment, technologies and high-tech materials to its production. This effectively enhances added value of its products. The firm's newly designed toilets boast a water-saving feature, which has been certified by Taiwan's authorities and widely adopted by professional inferior designers. (SC)

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