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These are in-depth pre- and post-show reports on major international trade fairs, held in Taiwan and other countries with significant participation by Taiwanese manufacturers and exporters. They are offered to help global buyers and other readers better understand what is going on at the fairs and the latest offerings by Taiwanese exhibitors.

The Taiwan Hardware Show sees global buyer attendance. (Photo provided by Kaigo Co.)

Taiwan's Hand Tools Seeking Opportunities Amid Global Crisis

Jul 10, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the globe, most of the international hardware shows slated for this year has been moved to 2021. However, as Taiwan’s efforts combating the new virus has proven to be successful, the 2020 Taiwan Hardware Show (THS) will continue as scheduled, beginning on Oct. 13 and ending on the 15th at the Taichung International Exhibition Center, thus becoming the only sh...

Taiwan's Hand Tool Industry Seizes the Industry 4.0 Opportunities</h2>

Taiwan's Hand Tool Industry Seizes the Industry 4.0 Opportunities

Jun 19, 2020

Taiwan's hand tool manufacturing industry ranked first in the world in terms of export value for 5 consecutive years from 1998 to 2002. In 2019, the export value reached as much as 3.7 billion USD. According to the international institution, Markets and Markets, the global electric tool market is estimated to grow from 31.8 billion USD in 2019 to 41.7 billion USD by 2024; a compound annual growth...

SINOSTEEL Corporation: Rising price in Steel</h2>

SINOSTEEL Corporation: Rising price in Steel

Jun 05, 2020

Brazil’s new crown pneumonia epidemic has rapidly increased. Brazil’s Vale, the world’s largest iron ore producer, is facing an out-of-control impact. The market is worried that iron ore production and sales will be affected. new highs. Experts from Sinosteel (2002) evaluated that steel prices will rise steadily under the effect of rising costs, with a promising outlook. According to a legal p...

Minister of Economy: Stand by Taiwan's fastener industry</h2>

Minister of Economy: Stand by Taiwan's fastener industry

Jun 03, 2020

Taiwan's fastener industry has been severely affected by the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, with a 13% decline in output value and miserable operations. Entering the post-epidemic period, Minister of Economy Shen Rongjin again communicated face-to-face with people in the fastener industry this morning. He emphasized that he would use empathy to assist the fastener industry to overcome difficult...

Chang Loon's 100-tooth gear wrench features each turn at surefire 3.6 degrees to attain effortless operation and torque accuracy.

Chang Loon Acclaimed Topped Wrench Supplier from Taiwan

May 28, 2020

With over 40 years of experience, Chang Loon Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading Taiwanese supplier of ratchet wrenches, gear wrenches and embedded its color ring trademark on the box end of the wrench. Please identify the red, blue, yellow, and orange color ring trademark when purchasing the ratchet wrench products. Chih-ming Chang, deputy general manager said in order to allow users to easil...


China Announces New Raft of US Imports for Tariff Waivers </h2>

China Announces New Raft of US Imports for Tariff Waivers

May 13, 2020

China announced on Tuesday a new list of 79 U.S. products eligible for waivers from retaliatory tariffs imposed at the height of the bilateral trade war, amid continued pressure on Beijing to boost imports from the United States. China’s finance ministry said in a statement the new waivers will take effect on May 19 and expire on May 18, 2021. The latest list waives tariffs on products includi...

Taiwan's Manufacturing Activity Contracts</h2>

Taiwan's Manufacturing Activity Contracts

May 05, 2020

Taipei, Manufacturing activity in Taiwan contracted in April because of the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on global demand, hurting Taiwan's export-oriented manufacturers, the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research (CIER) said Monday. Taiwan's Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) for April fell 5.5 points from a month earlier to 47.6, the steepest monthly decline since the think tank started to...

To Set up an Upgrade Platform for Machine Tools</h2>

To Set up an Upgrade Platform for Machine Tools

May 05, 2020

Under the epidemic situation, the regulations on production and creation were useless. Minister of Economy Shen Rongjin promised in the Legislative Yuan yesterday (4) that he would build a machine tool to upgrade the automated production platform, discuss with the industry within a period, and put forward specific plans. When the international economy recovers, the unit can be transported to all ...

Taiwan's Hand Tools Industry Overview 2020</h2>

Taiwan's Hand Tools Industry Overview 2020

May 04, 2020

Taiwan's hand tools are the world’s unsung champions! Every year, Taiwan’s tool industry earns US$4 billion from exports of OEM wrenches and pliers. Globally reputed as the “Kingdom of Hand Tools,” Taiwan is one of the world’s top three export countries in this sector, which is one of the island’s most prominent industries. Nearly 70% of enterprises in the hand tool industry are concentrated in t...

Minister of Economy: Deglobalization is a Must</h2>

Minister of Economy: Deglobalization is a Must

Apr 29, 2020

Minister of Economy Shen Rongjin pointed out yesterday (28) that from the US-China trade war to the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the "de-globalization" of manufacturing is now a key issue for companies. In addition to the use of Industry 4.0 Internet of Things remote control machines , And also readjust the global stronghold. He also said that companies including information and c...