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Citizens Can Apply for Gov't Subsidies for Urban Renewal Themselves

2011/03/24 | By Philip Liu

Taipei, March 24, 2011 (CENS)--Local citizens will be able to apply for government subsidies for the planning cost for urban renewal projects, including those for reconstruction or facial rejuvenation of buildings, themselves, without the mediation of construction companies, according to measures drafted by the Construction and Planning Agency (the CPA), under the Ministry of Interior (MOI).

The measures will take effect from May, at the earliest. The amount of government subsidy can reach NT$2.5 million for reconstruction projects or NT$1 million for facial rejuvenation involving less than 100 households. The higher the number of households the higher the amount of subsidies will be.

The measures will be sent to the regulations committee of the Ministry of Interior for approval in April before becoming effective in May. The CPA will earmark NT$150 million of subsidies this year and NT$500 million annually from next year, of which NT$400 million will be set aside for facial rejuvenation and NT$100 million for reconstruction projects.

Residents can form urban-renewal organizations themselves or entrust professional bodies to apply for subsidies with municipal governments. The CPA noted that the most difficult part for urban renewal projects is the integration of residents' opinions and the formation of urban renewal organizations. For those without urban renewal organizations, residents will have to start from scratch and therefore, the subsidies can be raised to NT$3.3 million for reconstruction projects involving less than 100 houses. In view of the complicated works for urban renewal projects, residents can entrust professional teams to speed up the process, according to the CPA.

The CPA can also provide up to NT$40,000 of subsidy for construction work, but the total amount will be capped at 45% of the total construction cost.