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Industry Reports

Agio to Tap Building Material Market in Greater China with Resysta

Aug 14, 2017

Wang Ping-Sheng, chairman of Agio, a high-profile furniture company in the global market, is poised to tap the building material market in Greater China with its Resysta, a new material mainly of rice husk and plastic for furniture and building construction. A patented technology developed in Germany, Resysta is made out of finely ground rice husk mixed with over 20 secret additives and featur...

Taiwan's Wooden Furniture Sector Struggling, but Undaunted

Oct 03, 2016

Taiwan’s wooden furniture manufacturers experienced a golden age back in the 1970s and ‘80s, but beginning in the late ‘70s they began suffering from such calamities as (for them) industrial transformation, oil crises, lumber export embargoes, inflation, and competition from emerging markets in the third world. In the 1990s most of the Taiwanese producers in the line joined the mass migration to ...

Taiwan's Bathroom Furniture and Fittings Makers Fare Well Amid Emerging Rivalry

Jul 13, 2016

In the face of growing rivalry from underselling competitors at a time when global furniture production has mostly shifted to emerging countries, Taiwan’s furniture industry has been on an persistent downturn for the decades, but suppliers in the sector of bathroom fittings and accessories are still able to fare well, mostly thanks to devotion to the continuous sharpening of their core competenci...

Industry In-Focus

Metal Furniture Parts Makers in Taiwan Create Blue Oceans

Taiwanese suppliers target high-end niches to battle low-end competition

Dec 16, 2016

With their advanced manufacturing technology, skilled workers, and a strong global reputation for quality and on-time delivery, Taiwanese metal furniture parts makers have plenty of reasons for optimism in their showdown with emerging rivals from mainland China and Southeast Asia. Even though the global competition has become increasingly harsh over the decade, a few domestic companies are car...

A Glimpse of Taiwan's Office Furniture Parts Makers Faring Well

Quality and innovation are bread and butter for insiders

Nov 21, 2016

In the OA furniture parts sector, Taiwanese makers’ attention and devotion to R&D and quality have helped to sustain their businesses for the past few decades. Interviewing the following three OA chair parts makers confirm an inextricable link exists between their gung-ho attitudes toward product innovation and quality, the future and current achievements in the line. Chern Shing Top Co., Ltd....

Taiwanese Furniture Parts Suppliers Take on Economic Uncertainty with Different Strategies

Jun 24, 2016

Despite global economic uncertainties, most of Taiwanese furniture parts makers have yet to slow their pursuit of sustainable development through improving production capability and product quality to win trust from global buyers. The following sums up three manufacturers noted for consistent efforts on sharpening competitive edges differently. Liang Harng One supplier who competes well ...

Supplier News

Tai Cheer Slides - Wide Range of Applications

Sep 05, 2018

Tai Cheer Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various drawer slides, including light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty drawer slides. They are used for living room furniture, kitchen furniture, office furniture, tool carts, white household appliances (refrigerators), ATMs, medical equipment, etc. Our company has more than 30 years of professional experience in the production o...


Honiton's Honidriver Socket with Patented Point Design Fits Various Nuts

Sep 05, 2018

Founded in 1979 in Taichung City, central Taiwan, Honiton Industries Inc., has been worked on sockets as a top-caliber manufacturer in the line, with product lineup mainly consisting of sockets, impact sockets and socket wrenches. Honiton's president Cheng Chin-shun says his company's products are made in accord with the DIN standard, and of top-quality chrome vanadium steel alloy and chrome m...


Inntech Provides Total Solutions to Quality-approved Fasteners and Parts Demanded by Carmakers

Sep 03, 2018

Established in April, 2003 in Taiwan's southern city of Tainan, Inntech International Co., Ltd. is a professional trading company and engineering service provider in the fastener industry. Consistently sticking to its motto Innovation and Technology, ¨ the company capably provides buyers with total solutions and one-stop shopping service for quality-approved fasteners and fixings, particularly...


Insiders' Views

TFMA Seeks to Revitalize Taiwan's Furniture Industry

Industry association is forming a cross-business strategic alliance to create a platform for resource integration

Feb 09, 2015

By Michelle Hsu Founded in 1973, the Taiwan Furniture Manufacturers Association (TFMA) has witnessed Taiwan's furniture industry through its ups and downs. Today, the association faces new challenges in its mission to help local furniture makers adapt to changing business conditions and stay competitive. "With the furniture industry starting to revive from the downturn that started with...

Cultural Exposition Showcases Creativity of Furniture Design

This expo aimed to boost cultural/creative vitality by highlighting localization and infusing energy into cultural enterprises

Jan 21, 2014

By MICHELLE HSU The Taiwan International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo, organized by the Ministry of Culture since 2010, is now in its 4th iteration. During its short life the expo has strived to turn “creative ideas” into “commercial value” and play the role of a platform for communication between original creators and industry, making the abstract nature of culture more concrete and ex...

Taiwan-made Metal Furniture Shapes to New Lifestyles

Manufacturers adapt to the mobile generation

Dec 17, 2013

Exports of metal furniture from Taiwan have held steady despite market fluctuations, underscoring the global competitiveness of the domestic industry. Metal is more flexible than many other furniture materials, such as wood, rattan, glass, and plastics, making it well-suited to making furniture a variety of shapes. Metal parts are also commonly used to complement other materials in furniture....

Exhibition Highlights

MIFF 2019 PRESENTS “MUAR: FURNITURE CITY OF MALAYSIA” TO THE WORLD Celebrating 25 years of global furniture trade

Sep 04, 2018

KUALA LUMPUR, 3 Sep: Muar, recently declared the “Furniture City of Malaysia” by the government, will take centre stage at Southeast Asia’s largest industry show next year when the annual Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) opens its doors again from March 8-11. Fresh from its biggest expansion in 2018, MIFF will celebrate its 25th anniversary sharing the limelight with Muar, the dri...

Glimpse at Upcoming Fastener Expo Shanghai 2018

May 24, 2018

Fastener Expo Shanghai 2018 --Asia’s Leading Trade Fair for Fastener Industry •Date:June 20-22, 2018 •Venue:National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai) •Organizers:ITE Asia Exhibitions Limited Shanghai ITE Ebseek Exhibition Co.,Ltd. •Official Media:www.chinafastener.com •Exhibition Website:http://shen.fastenerexpo.cn/ Exhibition Introduction: Exhibitor number: around 800 Vis...

MIFF and Muar Furniture Association Hold Pre-MIFF 2018 Symposium and Dinner for Furniture Companies in Southern Region

Apr 23, 2018

With the biggest ever Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) just eight weeks away, show organiser UBM Malaysia and strategic partner, Muar Furniture Association (MFA), held a pre-exhibition symposium and dinner for industry players in the southern region here tonight. The packed affair held at SKT Banquet Hall, Muar was to update MIFF exhibitors who will be showcasing at the new Malays...

CENS Global Pass

Chueng Shine Co., Ltd.

Office chairs and desks

Nov 15, 2015

Founded in 1981, Chueng Shine Co., Ltd. has grown into a leading Taiwanese maker of OA furniture with a catalog that encompasses a wide range of seating and desk products. Today the company concentrates on the development of innovative and highly functional products for the global market. Chueng Shine started out as a processor of hardware products and later on transformed itself into an OA c...


Kuang Shin Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Patented ET-100BK adjustable worktables

Jan 30, 2015

Kuang Shin Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been in the office furniture industry for over 25 years, mainly making kids’ furniture, OA chairs, and computer desks, also now promoting the ET-100 BK series worktables which was debuted in late 2014. The tables, measuring 120cm (W) x 88cm (D) x 120cm (H) and weighing 50 kilograms, come with a two-piece particle-board tabletop that may be tilted 25 degrees ...


Tai Cheer Industrial Co., Ltd.

Ball bearing drawer slides

Sep 30, 2014

Established in 1985, Tai Cheer Industrial Co. initially generated ball-bearing slide roll forming machines, and in 1993 became in the production of ball bearing drawer slides. With experience in the industry for more than 25 years, the company is now able to offer high-end quality products to its clients. Today, Tai Cheer has three manufacturing plants in central Taiwan, with two located in H...