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Chili Lighting Corp.

Smart LED lighting


Specializing in LED design, R&D, manufacturing, sales, and lighting projects, Chili Lighting Corp. is promoting several advantageous LED lighting products, including streetlights, T8 light tubes, MR16 lamps, light bulbs, and dimmable color-changing bulbs.

The company's streetlights, thanks to outstanding lens design on them, project light in high uniformity to ground with power rates ranging from 60W to 200W. A 160W model weighs only six kilograms.

The company's T8 light tubes boast color rendering index above 85, much better than that of fluorescent tubes. Special reflector design enables the company's T8 lighting fixture to spread light at angle of 360 degrees. Compared with fluorescent tubes, the company's LED tubes offer 255% more efficacy, 60% more energy saving, and 6.7 folds more lifespan.

Its MR16 lamps use packages involving Cree XPG/XPE chips. A 4.6W lamp, designed to replace for 20W halogen MR16s, projects up to 1,000 lux of brightness at the height of one meter above ground.

Chili's 8.5W LED light bulbs, giving off 600 lumens of light output, conserve 91% more electricity than 100W incandescent light blubs and outlive the incandescent bulbs by 50 times. Also, they even outperform 27W spiral-shape fluorescent lamps.

The company's dimmable color-changing bulbs are equipped with red, green and blue chips, as well as come with wireless controller.