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2011/04/08 | By Quincy Liang | TENACITY AUTO PARTS CO., LTD.

The Tenacity Auto Parts Co., established in 1973, is now a top specialized maker of high-quality automotive aftermarket (AM) rubber parts in Taiwan. The ISO 9001:2008 certified company supplies products in five categories: engine mounts, strut mounts (for shock absorbers), arm bushings, stabilizer bushings, and air intake hoses.

Following 38 years of development, Tenacity has become one of the world's most comprehensive suppliers of auto engine mounts, offering over 1,000 kinds of mounts for different car models, mostly Japanese and some American, European, and Korean makes.

An unmatched product range is one of the company's core competitive advantages. A senior Tenacity official claims that the company can supply mounts for all Japanese car models produced between 1988 and 2006, and, upon order, earlier models as well.

To strengthen its leading one-stop-shopping status in the global market, the company keeps adding 20 to 30 new engine mount items to its product line every year.

High quality and durability are other factors in Tenacity's core competitiveness. All of its engine mounts and other rubber parts are made by the company itself in Taiwan. Without doubt, almost all the critical processes are kept in-house, including mold making and tooling, compressing (stamping), and rubber ejecting. Other processes such as die-casting, extrusion, and powder coating are carried out by a group of long-term cooperating satellite plants. This kind of division-of-labor strategy, the company says, boosts its production flexibility and cost competitiveness, assuring the highest standards of quality accordingly.

As rubber is the most important part of an engine mount, Tenacity insists on using the best materials and processing them with its self-developed formula to achieve the best possible buffering and anti-friction effect. The focus on quality can be seen in the firm's comprehensive range of top-end rubber-making equipment as well as testing and inspection apparatus.

The company markets its products under the well-known "Tenacity" nameplate in more than 20 countries in Europe, America, the Middle East, and Asia.

All a customer has to do is send a sample product to Tenacity, and the company will take pride in developing the highest-quality product accordingly in the shortest possible time. (QL)

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