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Industry Reports

Taiwan Sees Better-than-expected New-car Sales during Jan.-Apr., with Over 60,000 Units Being Imported

May 28, 2018

Despite a couple of negative factors, including fewer working days during the first quarter of this year and an increasing political uncertainty brought by the upcoming municipal elections in November, Taiwan’s new-car market still finished the first four months of 2018 with better-than-expected performance, making local insiders, most of who have been worried about a market downturn, heave a sig...

Bosch Is Seeking to Promote Its Smart Urban Parking Solution Concept in Taiwan

May 28, 2018

To most car drivers, not only is parking time-consuming, but it is stressful, especially in a congested city with very limited parking spaces, like Taipei. However, such a situation that almost every local driver with his or her car on a busy street of the city has experienced is likely to change sometime in the future—literally, parking can be made easier, more convenient—with the smart urban pa...

Global automotive aftermarket manufacturers gear up for robust business growth at Automechanika Dubai 2018

Apr 24, 2018

Dubai, UAE: Global automotive aftermarket manufacturers are gearing up for period of robust business growth in the Middle East, while new research indicates car sales and the corresponding demand for spare parts and auto services is on an upward trend. IQR is a Spanish producer of lubricants under the brand name Matrix, and is launching its operations in the Gulf region to find new partners, ...

Industry In-Focus

Honing Production Caliber Sharpens Taiwan Auto Engine Parts Suppliers' Edge

Being a maverick in turbo charger segment helped one supplier to achieve success

Jan 10, 2017

As in many other manufacturing sectors, Taiwan-based suppliers have tapped their seemingly endless potential to focus on improving production capability to outdo rivals, an advantage they have been maximizing as well in the auto engine parts and accessories field. The increased competition in the global market for engine parts has waken up Taiwan-based suppliers as to the considerable progress...

Taiwan's Light Vehicle Market Remains on Uptrend in May, Despite Imports Down

Jun 16, 2016

Compared to Taiwan’s anemic economic growth, the local light vehicle market has still expanded at solid pace so far this year, as reflected by the latest statistics compiled by Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) for May, when imports, however, posted negative growth. MOTC’s statistics show that Taiwan’s light vehicle sales totaled 34,953 units in May, up 8.4 percent month on ...

Global New-car Sales Up 2.3% to 88 M. in 2015

China's new-car sales up 4.7% in 2015 to 24.6 million units for new record

Apr 27, 2016

Continuing an uptrend in growth from 2013, when about 80 million units were sold, sales of new cars worldwide increased by 2.3 percent to reach a new record high of 87.28 million units in 2015, driven by robust demand from major markets like the U.S. and Western Europe; while sales in China, the world's largest automobile market continued to rise slightly, according to the Automotive Research & T...

Supplier News

Nan Hoang Traffic Instrument Co., Ltd.

Aug 13, 2018

Nan Hoang Traffic Instrument Co., Ltd is one of the major manufacturers of automobile friction materials in Taiwan and globally. Chairman Austin Cheng has implemented the double-arrow strategy this year - own brand of “YangPo” is adopted to focuses on global channels, while the “NHC” brand focuses on improving market shares in global markets, such as Europe, America, Asia, Australia, Japan and t...


Sindaco Automotive Industry Co., Ltd.

Aug 13, 2018

Sindaco Automotive Industry Co., Ltd.(SDC) has been established for 30 years since 1988. It has been in the business of Japanese trucks' brake systems for 30 years. It has abundant experience in product development, as well as complete knowledge of the products. Products are sold not only in Taiwan but also globally. Therefore, SDC is a major player in the Japanese big truck brake parts ma...


Ying Paio Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Aug 13, 2018

With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, Ying Paio Enterprise Co., Ltd specializes in offering various repair kits & repair materials under its “THUMBS UP” brand. The firm's product lineup includes car repair kits, truck repair kits, bicycle repair kits, motorcycle repair kits, all of which are made under stringent control to ensure the highest quality and durability. Also notabl...


Insiders' Views

Forsa of Southern Taiwan Installs New Production Lines for Customized Shock Absorber Market

Apr 28, 2016

Forsa Enterprise Co., Ltd., already recognized as one of the world's most comprehensive supplier of shock absorbers for motorcycles, scooters, all terrain vehicles (ATVs) etc., has been moving along another direction which is designed to take the maker closer to developing products for a new niche in the future, without interrupting its leader-of-the-pack position in the original core business. ...

Strelka's ToolBook:Makes Screwdrivers More Than Hand Tools

Dec 08, 2014

With a tip at one end of the metal shaft and a plastic handle at the other, a screwdriver is one of the earthiest, most commonly used tools with a stereotyped shape in the minds of the public. Strelka’s brand-new ToolBook is designed to give that stereotype a makeover. The ToolBook is a screwdriver set consisting of four screwdrivers and several hex keys, with lots of features to set itself a...

Auto-parts Maker Tong Yang to Invest NT$3B. for Capacity Expansion in 2014

May 30, 2014

By QUINCY LIANG After gaining a solid foothold in China, the world's largest automobile market, Taiwan's major auto-parts maker Tong Yang Industrial Co., Ltd. recently announced that it will focus investment over the next few years on the island. Crispin Wu, Tong Yang's president, said that his company has set up a technical R&D center at its headquarters in Tainan, southern Taiwan, and wil...

Exhibition Highlights

Taiwan's 4-in-1 Auto & Motorcycle Parts and Accessories Show (AMPA) Present Diversity and Agility of Taiwan's Automobile Industry

Aug 13, 2018

2018 Taipei AMPA, AutoTronics Taipei, Taiwan ITS, Motorcycle STaiwan, and Taiwan International Car Tuning and Car Care Show have successfully concluded on April 14 and 15. There were a total of 1,306 companies using 3,707 booths in this year’s five-in-one exhibition that attracted 6,854 foreign and domestic visitors from 120 countries. Exhibition Introduction The three major themes of thi...

AMPA Over the Seas for the First Time! Engine Starts for Dual Expo in Myanmar

Aug 07, 2018

After 5 years of experience in Myanmar, Auto Expo Myanmar has taken on the new name of AMPA Myanmar since this year along with the fame of Taipei AMPA, a world- famous show brand that has over 30 years of remarkable show history. It is expected to achieve greater show results and become the sub-brand of Taipei AMPA in Southeast Asia. In order to provide better service, the show has especially ...

Superman Motor, on Your Side in AM Market

May 31, 2018

Ever since founded in 1988, Superman Motor Industrial Ltd. has been engaged in supplying and exporting auto parts and accessories mainly for the aftermarket (AM) segment. At this year’s Taipei AMPA and AutoTronics Taipei, held April 11-14, Superman Motor was not eclipsed by any of its counterparts at home and from abroad, thanks to its relatively comprehensive product lineup coupled with devo...


CENS Global Pass

Liege International Co., Ltd

Professional manufacturer of rubber parts for engines

Nov 06, 2017

Established in 1992, Liege International Co., Ltd, a Taiwan-based company specializing in making rubber parts and suspension links, has been committed to satisfying its domestic and overseas customers with high quality and professional services. To meet ever-changing market demands, Liege has been continuously putting efforts on the R&D of new products. Hydraulic Engine Mounting, for instance...


Eagle Eyes Traffic Ind. Co., Ltd.

Headlamps, tail lamps, corner lamps, side lamps, bumper lamps, fog lamps, center high-mounted stop lamps and daytime running lamps (DRL)

Jun 24, 2016

Founded in 1978 and engaged in development and production of high-quality automotive lamps, Eagle Eyes Traffic Ind. Co., Ltd. supplies a comprehensive range of products, including headlamps, tail lamps, corner lamps, side lamps, bumper lamps, fog lamps, center high-mounted stop lamps, and LED daytime running lamps (DRL), widely reputed as a veteran, specialized manufacturer of this kind in Taiwan...


Oriental Star Chemical Inc.

C.V. joint boots, steering rack boots, rubber parts, rubber bushings, etc.

Aug 19, 2015

Oriental Star Chemical Inc. was established in 1991 and is today a TS 16949-certified company that is dedicated to developing and making various kinds of high-quality automotive rubber and silicon parts. The company says that the master-batch accelerators and refined processing rubber that it produces in-house can fully meet the special requirements of its customers. In addition, the firm clai...