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20 Winnders of Taipei AMPA, AutoTronics Taipei Innovation Awards Announced

Awards encourage industry emphasis on R&D to tap new markets

May 15, 2014 | By Quincy Liang


The Taipei AMPA, AutoTronics Taipei Innovation Awards is a highlight event during the annual Taipei International Auto Parts & Accessories Show (Taipei AMPA) and Taipei International Automobile Electronics Show (AutoTronics Taipei), a two-in-one show that is one of the world's most important trade fairs for the automotive components industry.

The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), which organizes the two shows, launched the awards several years ago to encourage Taiwanese companies to focus more on product research and development, as well as to boost Taiwan's global competitiveness.

While most auto parts makers in Taiwan focus mainly on aftermarket parts production and sales, a small group sees potential in innovation and improving on existing technology. These are the creative minds who vie for attention at the Innovation Awards, with products that enhance the comfort, convenience, styling, and functions of vehicles.

Following a process of aggressive competition and tough evaluations of numerous outstanding products, this year the judges have selected a total of 20 products in four categories: auto parts, auto accessories, autotronics and auto electronic end products.

The jury based its decisions on four criteria: Innovation (40% of score), Energy Efficiency (20%), Safety (20%), and Marketability (20%). Products cited by major international design awards as the iF Product Design Award and Red Dot Design Award of Germany, G-Mark of Japan or Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) of the United States also had an advantage in the scoring.
The award presentation was held on April 9, the opening day of the two-in-one show. All of the award-winning products were displayed in the innovation awards area on the 4th floor of the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall (Area L, lobby — Light Gallery) with professional guides to give in-depth explanations of each product.

The following is the introduction of this year's award-winning items.

Auto Parts
Silver Award
Just Auto Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
LED Low Beam System Module
Silver Award
TYC Brother Industrial Co., Ltd.
Head Lamp with DRL LED Light Guide
Bronze Award
Giantlight Traffic Supplies Instrument Co., Ltd.
GL-190 90mm BI-LED Headlamp
Bronze Award
JW Optical
Lamp Color Temperature Changing Structure (LCCS)
Bronze Award
Tan Xin Technology Development Inc.
Water Based Thermal Dissipation Coating

Award: Silver Award
Category: Auto Parts
Winning Item: LED Low Beam System ModuleCompany: Just Auto Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
Just Auto Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., a leading and innovative auto-parts maker focusing mainly on optoelectronic items in recent years, unveiled its latest LED low beam system module.

The company says that normal LED low-beam systems are designed with two to 10- modules, resulting in larger sizes, higher power consumption, and greater weight. The single module is compact, power miserly and lightweight. The company hopes to encourage automakers and tier-one suppliers to integrate the new module into their headlamp assemblies.

The company claims that the module can reduce power consumption by up to 75% compared with traditional lighting sources. A normal LED low-beam system uses two to three 18W LEDs, while the innovative module has just one.

The advantages of LEDs are long lifespan, lower heat generation, and lack of hazardous materials. The company's product delivers excellent cut-off line and light distribution. It can also increase the illumination of a vehicle during nighttime driving. In addition, the low-beam module has been patented in Taiwan, China, and Germany. The module has dimensions of 15.5cm (L), 10cm (W), 10cm (H), and weighs 0.721 kg.

Award: Silver Award
Category: Auto Parts
Winning Item: Headlamp with DRL LED Light GuideCompany: TYC Brothers Industrial Co., Ltd.
TYC Brothers, a leading auto-lamp manufacturer in Taiwan and the global market, has rolled out a headlamp integrated with daytime running light (DRL) LED light guide. The company says that its LED light-guide technology provides premium DRL illumination by integrating bi-functional beam techniques and unique, patented optics on par with comparable products from internationally well-known companies.

In addition, the headlamp has improved heat-transfer efficiency and reduced cost. The unit is also environment friendly and safe thanks to the use of lightweight and non-toxic heavy-metal materials in the production process. Finally, using narrow-strip light guides around the lamp contour gives the unit visual appeal as well. (Size: 43cm (L), 42cm (W), 25cm (H); Weight: 5kg)

Award: Bronze Award
Category: Auto Parts
Winning Item: GL 190 90mm Bi-LED HeadlampCompany: Giantlight Traffic Supplies Instrument Co., Ltd.
Giantlight, a major automotive-lighting supplier to both Original Equipment (OE) and aftermarket customers, unveiled the GL-190 Bi-LED headlamp with the following features:
1. 90mm High-Low headlamp module: the smallest in the world.
2. Innovative design and latest LED technology with automotive approvals such as FMVSS 108 (US and Canada), ECE (EU), CCC (China), and in-lamp electronic controls passing EMC/EMI tests.
3. Built-in LED drivers without the need for external control boxes for easier installation.
4. One of the brightest 90mm high-low beam headlights available in the global market.
5. Extra-long lifespan of more than 30,000 hours.
6. Low power consumption.
7. Shock- and vibration-proof designs.

Award: Bronze Award
Category: Auto Parts
Winning Item: Lamp Color Temperature Changing Structure (LCCS)Company: JW Optical
The lamp color temperature changing structure (LCCS) is an innovation in automotive lighting systems. JW Optical claims the LCCS can provide more secure lighting for vehicles in bad weathers. Global climate changes have increased the incidence of storms, heavy rains, snow, fogs and air pollutions, threatening driving safety worldwide. The globally-patented LCCS can be switched into high color-temperature white light in normal weathers, or into lower color-temperature yellow light in bad weathers.

Award: Bronze Award
Category: Auto Parts
Winning Item: Water-based Thermal Dissipation CoatingCompany: Tan Xin Technology Development Inc.
Tan Xin's thermal diffusion material can be coated onto the surface of metal castings to reduce surface temperature by 25%. It is a water-based liquid coating material that needs no special processing: just coat and bake. Tests show that the temperature on the surface of an automobile turbocharger is 250-degree Celsius lower than that on the same turbocharger without the special coating.

Automobile Accessories
Silver Award
Peterburg Industrial & Design Ltd.
In-Channel Wind Deflector
Silver Award
Epoch Energy Technology Corp.
Carbon Cleaning System EP-580B
Bronze Award
Beamrpo Technology Co., Ltd.
Cat's Pupil-Multiple Curvature Lens
Bronze Award
Formosa Saint Jose Corp.
Bronze Award
Best Power Tools Co., Ltd.
1/2" Impact Wrench
Award: Silver Award
Category: Auto Accessories
Winning Item: In-channel Wind Deflector Company: Peterburg Industrial & Design Ltd.
The award-winning in-channel wind deflector is made of high-level acrylic glass material. The unit is easy to install and remove with adhesive tape that won't hurt the car paint. The wind deflector keeps the original vehicle styling, will not cover the original chrome window trims, and fully conforms to the original vehicle-door structure. Made with advanced materials, the wind deflector is optically transparent, enhancing driving safety.

The deflector also offers UV-protection, has low wind noise and has no color fading. The product can promote air exchange in the cabin cutting fuel consumption by reducing the need for air conditioner use.

Peterburg is an ISO 9001-approved company. Its innovative wind deflector is certified by TUV, SGS, and Taiwan's Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC).

Award: Silver Award
Category: Auto Accessories
Winning Item: Carbon Cleaning System EP-580BCompany: Epoch Energy Technology Corp.
The Epoch carbon-cleaning system EP-580 introduces the world's first micro-oxy-hydrogen molecular engine carbon removal technology to the automotive repair and maintenance market. The company claims that its revolutionary technology is distinct from conventional chemical means of carbon removal. With the innovative system, carbon-removal does not damages plastic engine parts and does not generate environmental pollutants, health threatening hazardous exhaust, or waste fluid during operations.

Epoch claims that the EP-508B is the most environment-friendly and safest carbon-removal device in the world. The model also won the Taiwan National Award of the Energy Globe Award.

Award: Bronze Award
Category: Auto Accessories
Winning Item: Cat's Pupil-Multiple Curvature LensCompany: Beamrpo Technology Co., Ltd.
The Cat Pupil multiple curvature lens developed by Beampro, operates on the working principle of second light collection that enables the lens to capture 95% of the LED light emitted. As a result, its illumination efficiency is three times greater than traditional projection-type LED lenses. Beampro claims that a 10W LED headlamp with the cat's pupil can achieve the same illumination effect as a 30W LED headlamp using a conventional lens.

The cat's pupil multiple curvatures lens can be widely applied to automobile and motorcycle high- and low-beam modules, daytime running light (DRL) models, or indoor and outdoor lamp applications. Beampro says that it can custom-develop products for specific customer needs.

Award: Bronze Award
Category: Auto Accessories
Winning Item: U-AUTO MAT Company: Formosa Saint Jose Corp.
Formosa Saint Jose's U-AUTO mat features many advantages:
1. Compact design for easier installation.
2. Lightweight but durable materials (three layers).
3. New formulated durable thermoplastic rubber (TPR) material.
4. Waterproof: Wipe with wet towel or hose off for easy care.
5. Durable driver side heel pad.
6. Environment-friendly non-toxic and odorless.
7. Award-winning and patented MAXpider bottom layer that keeps the mat perfectly in place.

Award: Bronze Award
Category: Auto Accessories
Winning Item: 1/2" Impact WrenchCompany: Best Power Tools Co., Ltd.
Features of the 1/2-inch (socket) impact wrench developed by Best Power Tools Co., Ltd. include:
1. Max torque reaches 580ft/lbs: the most powerful composite impact wrench on the market.
2. Super lightweight of 1.9 kg: The lightest weight design on the market.
3. Patented hammer frame: New technology makes the hammer frame stronger, enhanced larger torque and longer lifetime.
4. Longer life motor: Integrated cylinder for greater torque and longer lifetime.
5. Unique air cooling system to remove heat from cylinder.
6. On-hand operation: Easy operation with patented integrated F/R reverse and speed lever.
7. Eco friendly design: The first green-designed pneumatic tool on the market.

● Socket drive: 1/2"
● Torque: 580 ft/lb
● Free speed: 6,800 RPM
● Average air consumption: 0.15 /Min (5.3 CFM)
● Length: 190 MM (7.41 inch)
● Weight: 1.9 kgs (4.19 lb)

Automobile Electronics End Products
Gold Award
Tintable Smart Material Co., Ltd.
Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror
Based-On All-Solid-State with Area-Switching-Tinting Function
Silver Award
Great Guard Industry Co., Ltd.
Great Guard Car Wheel Locking Anti-theft System
Silver Award
Cansonic Inc.
Bronze Award
Chimei Motor Electronics Co., Ltd.
All Round Automatic Scouter Head Up Display Safety Warning System
Bronze Award
Mashin Electric Corp.
MS-300 Intelligent Battery Charger 3-in-1 Functionality

Award: Gold Award
Category: Automobile Electronics End Products
Winning Item: Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror Based-On All-Solid-State with Area-Switching-Tinting FunctionCompany: Tintable Smart Material Co., Ltd.
Auto-dimming rearview mirrors have become one of the most important safety devices on vehicles today. According to Tintable Smart Material Co., Ltd., such products normally have a liquid state with all-area-tinting, which may make it difficult for drivers to clearly see images reflected on the tinted mirrors in less than optimal conditions. Tintable's R&D team therefore developed an all-solid auto-dimming mirror with three-area (left, middle and right) switching tinting. The appropriate area on the area-switching tinting mirror can be tinted according to the light brightness of the rear-car headlamps. This function, Tintable says, can effectively prevent the mirror's dizzying effect. At the same time, the other un-tinted areas of the mirror remain in a colorless state, improving driving safety and comfort.

Award: Silver Award
Category: Automobile Electronics End Products
Winning Item: Great Guard Car Wheel Locking Anti-theft SystemCompany: Great Guard Industry Co., Ltd.
Great Guard Industry Co., Ltd., a major maker of automotive anti-theft systems in Taiwan, has patented its Great Guard Car Wheel Locking Anti-theft System in several countries. The system has also passed rigorous tests by Taiwan's Industry Technology and Research Institute (ITRI) and won CE and TUV certifications. Characteristic of the innovative anti-theft system include:
● Superb protection (an active anti-theft system)
● A patented precision mechanical valve and hydraulic wheel locking system (the vehicle cannot be driven away even if the engine is started or car keys are copied)
● No power consumption during alert state. (to preserve car battery life)
● No noise pollution.
● Four-digit personalized code. (owner replaceable so key cannot)
● Operation buttons. (when the IR remote controller battery is dead the operation button can be used to unlock the system)
● Independent control system. (no need for connection with car circuits, enhancing driving safety)
● Low battery detection. (warning sounds when battery voltage drops below 10.5V)
● Modular protection (multiple protection with combined hood and trunk locks)

Award: Silver Award
Category: Automobile Electronics End Products
Winning Item: ULTRADVCompany: Cansonic Inc.
Cansonic Inc. claims that the ULTRADV is world's smallest camcorder with the largest number of functions (Wi-Fi & WDR-Wide Dynamic Range & GPS & Time-lapse & Collision detection & G-Sensor & EIS & Driver Alert System & Touch to Record). It also comes with a full range of accessories, making it an ultra-functional for sports, biking, sky diving or underwater (up to a depth of 30 meters). It can also be used as car camcorder for driving and racing; a party cam, a home-surveillance cam, and a baby-monitor. The ULTRADV is very light, easy to carry and has super high image quality to capture each wonderful moment.

The camcorder's Wi-Fi function enables wireless preview and control of the camcorder from up to 30 meters away. The GPS logger records location data when connected to Google Maps. The built-in G-sensor can lock important records at major events. There is also an EIS system for smoother and vibration free recording. The device also comes with an APP for operation with iOS or Android devices.

The camcorder has excellent image quality and WDR (wide-dynamic-range) shooting. It can adapt from high light to the low light environments instantly. The near IR function enables the camcorder to record in dark areas with little or no light, or even take a picture against the sun.

Award: Bronze Award
Category: Automobile Electronics End Products
Winning Item: All Round Automatic Scouter HUD Safety Warning SystemCompany: Chimei Motor Electronics Co., Ltd.
The all-round automatic scouter head-up display (HUD) warning system developed by Chimei Motor Electronics Co., Ltd. has the following features:

All-round integration: HUD (speed, speed warning, RPM, battery voltage warning, engine temperature warning); front collision warning system (FCWS), lane departure warning system (LDWS), digital video record, and voice warning system.

Unique design: Scouter design, automatic on/off; height of the scouter can be adjusted according to the driver optimize projection angle and memory automatically; no need for reflective film on the windshield; counters strong sunlight deficiency caused by windshield projection brightness problems; passengers can watch the HUD without interference.

Award: Bronze Award
Category: Automobile Electronics End Products
Winning Item: MS-300 Intelligent Battery Charger 3-in-1 Multi-FunctionCompany: Mashin Electric Corp.
1. Multi-state mode applications
2. 8-stage charging mode.
3. Refresh function: Even deep-discharge batteries can be recharged (de-sulphation)
4. Battery rescue mode.
5. Electronic reverse polarity protection.
6. Easy to use.
7. Compact, lightweight design
8. Applicable to a variety of lead-acid batteries.
9. Worldwide universal AC100V-240V input power.
10. Overload and short-circuit protection.

Automobile Electronics Parts
Gold Award
Hestia Power Inc.
High Power 650V 120A Silicon Carbide
(SiC) Schottky Diode
Silver Award
Alpha Light Technology Co., Ltd.
EMI EMC Free LED Current Control IC
Silver Award
Atbs Technology Co., Ltd.
Thru flow TPMS External Sensor
Bronze Award
aRacer Speed Tek Inc.
RC Engine Management Systems
Bronze Award
Mijy-Land Industrial Co., Ltd.
Cordless Screwdriver

Award: Gold Award
Category: Automobile Electronics Parts
Winning Item: High Power 650V 120A Silicon Carbide (SiC) Schottky DiodeCompany: Hestia Power Inc.
Unlike traditional silicon-based power devices, the high power 650V 120A Silicon Carbide (SiC) schottky diode developed by Hestia Power Inc. is based on SiC material, delivering the most visible wide band gap (WBG) power technology. The use of SiC materials makes this 650V 120A SiC schottky diode a good choice for reducing motor size and improving the efficiency and reliability of motor drive systems. The innovative diode is also the first such product developed and commercialized by a Taiwanese company.

Hestia is a leading company in WBG power semiconductor device design. This innovative product can fulfill the future requirements for higher-efficiency and high operating temperature in automotive applications.

Award: Silver Award
Category: Automobile Electronics Parts
Winning Item: EMI / EMC Free LED Current Control ICCompany: Alpha Light Technology Co., Ltd.
Alpha Light developed the SOT8 9 IC for use in LED drivers and LED current control Ics. Its features include:
1. The smallest-size LED current control IC on the market.
2. Electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI)-free.
3. No components required to adjust current.
4. Current can be regulated through IC paralleling connection.
5. Wide application range: Automotive LED position light, direction light, brake light, license plate light, indoor light, etc.

Award: Silver Award
Category: Automobile Electronics Parts
Winning Item: Thru Flow TPMS External SensorCompany: Atbs Technology Co., Ltd.
External tire pressure sensors have the advantages of easy installation, use, and battery replacement. They have therefore become more popular than internal sensors, especially on heavy-duty truck tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).

The Thru flow TPMS external sensor provides a good solution for the heavy-duty truck TPMS market. The sensor can be easily fitted on the valve stem without interfering with the tire-valve function so tires can still be inflated or deflated without removing the sensor.

1. Patented structure design for mechanical strength, small size and lightweight.
2. Easy to install and powerful tools to assist installation.
3. Green design: Battery replaceable.
4. Wide operating range: 1,300kPa, -40 to +125 degree Celsius.
5. High measurement accuracy.
6. 32-bit programmable ID design: Non-operational OE sensors can be replaced directly without assigning a new sensor ID to the vehicle.

Award: Bronze Award
Category: Automobile Electronics Parts
Winning Item: RC Engine Management SystemsCompany: aRacer Speed Tek Inc.
The RC engine management system (EMS) developed by aRacer Speed Tek Inc. supports single or multi-cylinder applications. The innovative device is integrated with the user-friendly "Speed Tuning" interface and has following functions:

1. Air/Fuel ratio (AFR) auto tune and semi-auto tune for power/ECO mode AFR.
2. Over 70 parameters can be adjusted (3D fuel map, ignition angle map, acceleration, deceleration, etc.)
3. There are over 150 engine variables for real-time monitoring and for fly record by internal memory.
4. Free engine map download supporting many popular engine models.
5. Use intake manifold air pressure for intake air volume calculations, including ambient air pressure, temperature, and battery voltage compensation.
6. Extended functionality by LAN bus: User can extend monitor gauge, generator control module, and professional module for racing applications.

Award: Bronze Award
Category: Automobile Electronics Parts
Winning Item: Cordless ScrewdriverCompany: Mijy-Land Industrial Co., Ltd.
Features of the cordless screwdriver developed by Mijy-Land Industrial Co., Ltd.:
1. Brushless motor: Environment-friendly design and improved power.
2. Reaction force: Low-vibration and ergonomic design can reduce torque reaction forces.
3. Torque accuracy: High repetitive torque accuracy with new third-generation cross-path MSC clutch, meeting ISO 5393 and VDI2647 standards.
4. Torque adjustment: External torque adjustment for improved operation.
5. Special color designs for easy and clear identification at production lines.

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