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Nakotools Hardware Corporation

Socket wrench sets & sockets, impact wrenches & air sockets


Founded in 1989, Nakotools Hardware Corporation has been dedicated to the production of hand tools for nearly three decades as a time-tested supplier in the line.

Over the decades, Nakotools has not only supplied manual and pneumatics sockets coming in sizes of 1/2”,3/8” and 1/4”, open-end wrenches and ratchet wrenches, but poured considerable resources into the development and research of higher-end, unique products for professional purposes, so as to meet market demands and provide best user experiences.

With innovative inner point design, which has been well-received by professionals, Nakotools' sockets help to effectively protect fasteners from being damaged during holding and turning. Manufactured out of high quality materials, the firm's products boast better durability than competing models.

Also notable is that, the TUV-ISO-9001:2000 certified company, with unremitting efforts on the research and study of related technology, has had all its products pass major international standards, such as ANSI and DIN.

Featuring great performance, trustworthy quality and competitive prices, the company's professional- caliber tools have been sought-after by end-users all over the world.

Nakotools Hardware Corporation

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