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Grand Forging provides top-quality forged auto, scooter, auto airbag parts


As a metal parts forger, Grand Forging Industries Co., Ltd. has continuously applied automated production to increase their production efficiency. The firm obtained certification ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 to offer clients the best quality, on-time delivery.

While Taiwan boasts a large number of processing manufacturers, those who have the ability to keep on taking consistent orders have already accumulated years of development experience, but also that they were able to refurnish their factories with the trends, General Manager Chi Ming-sheng said. Currently, Grand Forging has trained a fleet of technicians, applying the most advanced equipment for consistency, as well as strengthening production through procuring heavy forging machine tools, heat treatment equipment and cutting tools. To achieve such a consistent production, they have chosen to use three units of 1,200-tonned forging equipment for continuous production.

The firm has also dedicated time and money into developing molding technologies, creating better forging embryos and reduce the volume of processed cuts. On the other hand, the firm used high-end testing and inspection instruments to maintain the best quality and precision available, including coordination measuring machine, optical measurement, surface profiler and surface testers, strengthening their reputation as a reputable supplier.

Grand Forging primarily focuses on forging auto and scooter parts, automotive airbag parts, bicycle parts, hand tool parts, hardware parts and more; airbag parts have been ranked top of Grand Forging's best-selling products in recent years.

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