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AllProfessional Chairman Huang Hsin-te Newly Elected as 15th THTMA Head

Jan 10, 2020 | By CENS

Huang Sin-te(right) was given the seal from the former Chairman, Yu Hsiang-chen (left)under the supervision of Honorary Chairman, Wu Chuan-fu(mid)
(Photo photographed by Wu Ching-chang)Huang Sin-te(right) was given the seal from the former Chairman, Yu Hsiang-chen (left)under the supervision of Honorary Chairman, Wu Chuan-fu(mid) (Photo photographed by Wu Ching-chang)
Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers' Association (THTMA), closely connected to the thriving local hand tool industry, held the 15th General Assembly and the election of the board of directors and chairman on Sep. 6th. AllProfessional MFG Co., Ltd. Chairman Huang Hsin-te and Maxclaw Tools Co., Ltd. General Manager Huang Wu-sun were selected as the 15th chairman and vice-chairman respectively. Huang Hsin-te pointed out that the local hand tool industry's biggest competitive advantage is in its local comprehensive supply chain. The chairman also said that the industry creates over NTD$120 billion in production value annually, with more than 400 companies under the association's membership. The importance of the hand tools industry in Taiwan is undeniable, as it alone ranks among the top 10 industries out of 159 fields on the island. Not only that, Huang added that it is one of the three major industries based in central Taiwan, creating not only manufacturing value but also more job opportunities.

Huang Hsin-te emphasized the hand tool industry is the only metal manufacturing industry that has continually grown for more than 40 years, which is not an easy accomplishment. Previously, President Tsai Ing-wen visited Taichung Industrial Park , where Huang informed the president that the hand tool industry boasted a remarkable 3.8% growth rate in the second quarter this year. In response, the president complimented the industry efforts, promising to attend the general meeting this year.

President Tsai said Taiwan's hand tool industry is recognized among the top best worldwide, cementing its status as a hidden champion. Last year, the export value of hand tools was ranked third in the world, with an approximately 2% increase and even a growth of 5.5 percent in the first half of this year. Tsai emphasized the government will stand by companies, also encouraging to invest more in existing operations in Taiwan.
President Tsai Ing-wen (front row from left 5) attended the General Assembly of  THTMA (Photo photographed by Wu Ching-chang)President Tsai Ing-wen (front row from left 5) attended the General Assembly of THTMA (Photo photographed by Wu Ching-chang)
Despite the global and local economy embroiled by the tense trade war between the U.S. and China this past year, President Tsai lauded the awe-inspiring performance from the hand tool industry. Though, she pointed out that the industry as a whole still needs to anticipate future trends, emphasizing that the government will continue to support the industry and encourage firms to continue to invest in Taiwan.

The government has actively pushed its economic “5+2” Industrial Innovation Program,” among the central focus industries is the smart machinery, or industrial smart production in particular. This focus has assisted the hand tool industry in implanting smart production alternatives, giving the industry a well-needed makeover. Also, due to the U.S.-China trade war prompting a return of many Taiwanese firms this year, the government has offered incentives for land and funding, encouraging a permanent relocation to Taiwan.

Huang Hsin-te, who just took over as the 15th THTMA chairman, promised to uphold responsibility to his position. In the next three years, he has promised to put every effort in turning Taiwan into the origin of innovative hand tool solutions, leading the industry to maximize its value, expanding the vision of bridging global prospects from Taiwan, and prompting global attention on this island.
The 15th board of directors of THTMA (Photo photographed by Ralph Yang)The 15th board of directors of THTMA (Photo photographed by Ralph Yang)

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