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Tair Wang Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts, restoration parts for classic cars, auto parts and accessories, hardware parts, and all kinds of high-quality die casting products.


Founded in 1978, Tair Wang Enterprise Co, LTD. is a zinc die-casting manufacturer with ISO 9001 quality certified. With the excellent reputation as a professional OEM manufacturer, Tair Wang has actively expanded its businesses abroad in the past 15 years by providing high-quality products and services for the clients.

Currently, Tair Wang provides the parts for the Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the parts for the classic cars of GM, Ford, Volkswagen, and BMW, and the parts for heavy duty trucks.

“In such a special market like classic cars, the outer quality and the details are very critical and important. We always enforce the highest quality standards for surface treatment, details and dimensions, compared to the general products. “ Said by Lawrence Lee, General Manager of Tair Wang. In order to meet the client's demands for the small volume and diverse types, Tair Wang keeps improving the capability, flexibility, and ability for the production. Meanwhile, they always provide on time delivery. These efforts are all the aspects that Tair Wang has gained the trust and excellent reputation among the domestic and overseas clients.

In terms of self-development, Tair Wang is also developing parts for cars and motorbikes, which are segregated with the company's existing OEM products. Tair Wang has been routinely attending foreign expos to expand their exposure to buyers oversea. They are not only actively promoting their products but offering an in-depth approach to understanding their clients' needs and new product development.

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