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Streamlined operations back Shin Yi's quality steering, and suspension parts


Leading automotive steering and suspension part maker Shin Yi Automobile Industrial Co., Ltd maintains a comprehensive profile and a vast number of product applications, cementing Shin Yi's role as an irreplaceable supplier worldwide.

Shin Yi has honed its competitiveness in the industry with ongoing product development. As a result, they now offer major product lines, including tie rod ends, ball joints, stabilizer links,

side rod assays, center links, cross rods, drag links, idler arms, pitman arms, bell cranks, inner arm shaft kits, rack ends, and control arms.

To uphold its quality reputation, the firm's production processes, including raw-material selection, component purchasing, die tooling, machining to assembling, packaging, and delivery, are subject to stringent QC. Through precise measuring instruments, Shin Yi can ensure consistent quality, oversight on materials, manufacturing processes, and heat treatment. By incorporating the above, Shin Yi was able to streamline the process and shorten lead times to offer competitive, quality products.

Founded in 1983, Shin Yi maintains global brands: SAFETY and SYCOAUTO, and ships to customers on OEM-basis. The company's global recognition includes clients from the Middle

East, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Europe, and Latin America.

Shin Yi Automobile Industrial Co., Ltd.No.55, Aly. 51, Ln. 168, Sec. 3, Lingang Rd., Wuqi Dist., Taichung

City 43547, Taiwan

Tel: 886-4-2639-9991

Fax: 886-4-2639-358

E-Mail: info@sycoauto.com.tw

Website: www.sycoauto.com.tw