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Tair Wang offers high-quality zinc die casting products for OEM and low-volume high-mix needs


Founded in 1978, Tair Wang Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a zinc die-casting manufacturer with ISO 9001 quality certifications. With an excellent reputation among domestic and global buyers as a professional OEM manufacturer, Tair Wang has actively expanded its businesses abroad in the past decade by providing high-quality products and services for its clients.

General Manager Lawrence Lee said that in order to meet the various demands in OEM/ODM operations. Aside from upgrading its equipment and technologies for producing zinc die-casting products, the company also opened a CNC machining department to fulfill precision-type processing orders and other diverse demands in 2019. Lee said the company is also dedicated to cultivating talents in technology and design capabilities. At the current stage of the company's business model, Lee says they have already expanded into the vintage car parts and heavy duty truck parts, as well as diversifying into construction hardware and agricultural machinery. The company has successfully acquired new clients in these areas, creating new momentum for the business.

To fulfill more procurement demands from buyers, Tair Wang proactively expanded production capabilities and networking suppliers in plastic injection parts and stamping parts and encouraged cooperation between different suppliers to offer comprehensive total solution services for their clients. Dedicated to upholding values such as "integrity, responsibility, cooperation, and respect," Tair Wang aims to cultivate client trust and professional services and comprehensively offer clients suitable solutions.

Tair Wang`s zinc die-casting and CNC OEM products. (Photo courtesy of Tair Wang)Tair Wang`s zinc die-casting and CNC OEM products. (Photo courtesy of Tair Wang)

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