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Auto parts tooling and molds supplier CHC prioritizes resilient capabilities


Chung Ho Cheng (CHC) Enterprise Co., Ltd. has acquired IATF16949 certification as an expert in steel, aluminum, copper materials, hot, warm, and combination forging capabilities, including comprehensive services for heat and surface treatments. CHC is currently providing parts for various industries, including auto parts, scooter parts, agriculture machinery parts, railroad parts, national defense (aerospace) parts, hardware tools, furniture, fasteners, and fire-fighting use hot forged parts.

CHC Chairman Lai Han-chung is dedicated to learning molding techniques and designs. In the past, the overall environment to learn molding expertise and acquire better equipment for development was less fruitful than the present. Through many rounds of discussions with suppliers in order to gain a deeper understanding of the craft, Lai said each hurdle was an opportunity for him to refine designs and redefine his existing practices to roll out better quality molds. Much of the process includes refining or discarding old designing concepts into the new. This is one of the reasons that propelled CHC into its current stellar global reputation.

Quality Equipment for Quality Products

CHC has over 3,000 sets of molds in circulation for its production capacity, largely developing large-scaled or special-shaped designs. In addition, Lai implemented 3D printing equipment for innovative additions, high-capacity equipment, and optimizing systems management, using German manufacturing process simulation software SIMUFACT to analyze the current process for metals in the tooling process. The method includes extruded bar materials to the final forging step. Thanks to the simulation software, CHC can verify the necessary materials used throughout the manufacturing process and guarantee efficient usage of materials and costs. This helps CHC reduce the idle time before manufacturing processes begin and eliminate potential bottlenecks for speedier, on-time delivery of goods.

Lai said CHC's foundations were built on practical mold development expertise, using precise manufacturing techniques to produce 150g to 53kg of various aluminum alloy, copper alloy, carbon steel, and steel alloy forged products. Due to the impacts brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in the past two years, Lai said their existing marketing and supply channels were disrupted amid a suddenly fast-changing market demand environment.

CHC had to reevaluate its production lines and capacities and renew existing equipment with new options to combat this. Through analyzing future order trends, CHC procured and set up three additional new production lines, rounding up the total to 14. The current factory size at 1100-ping could no longer house all the production capabilities either, so plans to expand factory grounds are also underway. Lai says all of these actions are geared towards future trends of low volume, high-mix orders, and ensuring consistent production to meet regular demands.

Long-Term Plans Bearing Fruit

Manufacturing auto parts is still CHC's primary business, making up around 70%, including suspension systems and steering system parts, and has garnered recognition from international buyers. CHC is also building up a presence in the electric vehicle parts supply system, having entered it many years ago, and had received orders from a globally-renowned EV supplier.

Through R&D designs and mold development capacities, CHC retains its flexibility and ability to innovate and keep up with the trends. With new, more modern equipment, CHC is now expanding into the aerospace industry.

CHC is uniquely positioned to maintain its competitiveness in the market with its manufacturing flexibility and can quickly meet order demand by working closely with other suppliers. As the vice-chairman of the Taiwan Forging Association, Lai feels a sense of responsibility to infuse optimistic energy into the industry through collaboration and a more friendly industry environment where suppliers share resources instead of cut-throat tactics. As a result, Lai's leadership was well-received by the industry and improved suppliers' overall production capabilities and competitiveness.


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