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Gerious makes high-quality steering and suspension replacement parts

2022/09/23 | By CENS | GERIOUS CO., LTD.

Gerious Co. Ltd is the go-to supplier for steering and suspension replacement parts, such as tie rod ends, rack ends, and ball joints, for forklifts, agricultural tractors, ATVs, and snowmobiles after expanding its business scope in 2016.

Beginning as a chemical trader in 2014, Gerious' manufacturing history and experience make it capable of producing high-quality parts with a competitive price tag. Gerious' OEM parts for ATV power sports are now the highest standard in the industry, making up a significant portion of the market share in the U.S. All of its products are made in Taiwan, boasting the best quality in the joint parts field.

By insisting on offering the best quality OEM services, Gerious' auto parts business operations have built up a strong reputation in North America, Europe, and Japan. The company offers a 2-year-warranty for all OEM and ODM parts as a response to the evolving demands for joint parts trading and customer needs, showing a keen understanding of the global market.

Gerious also provides all kinds of test reports, including durability, hardness, and debris, to ensure the delivery of the best-qualified products to its customers. This is a part of the company's complete package that includes manufacturing and offering quality products and after-sales services that prioritize the customers' experience at the most competitive prices and with highly-efficient deliveries.


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