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ROCHE Ball screw
ROCHE Ball screw Hot

Model:EFS4040 Country of Origin:China, Taiwan Material:50CrMo4 QT Color:silver

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Ball screw features:
1, and sliding ball screw compared to one-third of driving moment
Taiwan ROCHE ball screw's ball screw shaft and silk between mother has many ball in rolling movement, so do can get high activity efficiency. And the past sliding ball screw compared to one-third of driving moment, that is up to the same movement under the power needed for the use of the rolling ball screw vice 1/3. In the province electricity aspects to have the help very much.
2, high precision of assurance
ROCHE ball screw is made in Japan with the highest level of the mechanical equipment coherent production comes out, especially in the research, the assembly, check cut of each process factory environment, temperature, humidity are strictly control, due to improve the quality of management system was fully ensure accuracy.
3, micro into to may
Ball screw because of ball movement, so is minimal start torque, won't appear sliding movement that creep phenomenon, can guarantee the micro into to achieve precise.
4, no lateral clearance, high rigidity
Ball screw can add to the pressure, the pressure can make due to axial clearance, and then to negative got higher rigid (ball screw to add to the ball through within the pressure, in actual mechanical device used to, because the ball repulsion can make silk of the department of rigid enhance mother).
5, ball screw high-speed into to may
Ball screw because move, high efficiency, fever, and so can realize the small to (into motion).

ROCHE Ball screw

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