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PangXiang mechanical and electrical Co., Ltd, founded in hsinchu county, long-term engaged in mechanical and related transmission parts of research and development and production, and marketing. Company was set up to now, has more than 30 experienced, sharp precision engineering staff who development and technology, and hire a professional company long-term management and technology consultant in 2009 to set up branches in Shenzhen where yonghong technology(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd. on the basis of better service to the users all over .After XiAn, jinan, has set up the office for the company develop the national market more effectively serve the customer and lay a solid foundation.

Our main products are: precision grinding rack, gear and elimination of gap gear box, precision planetary reducer, servo motor, dc motor, guide and screw transmission parts etc. With high technology with strict quality supervision, has created YYC, PHT, ROCHE, MTM SSTC series, brand, and to precision of the quality, high quality of service, down-to-earth attitude service market.

MTM in 2007 to enter the mainland
PHT in 2008 to enter the mainland and occupy the market with high price rapidly
YYC in 2009 to enter the mainland market, and against the, the financial crisis, with high performance, period of high service quality by chance. Find

MTM capabilities to expand, the products to continue with mature state to serve the customer
PHT reducer quality upgrades, precision can reach 2 ~ 3 arcmin. In the rigidity and strength, accuracy, had a qualitative leap, and high precision deceleration machine part was renamed the ROCHE, the product series perfect
YYC service attitude, for a greater level of customer delivery date will shorten, on the existing basis, will production enlargement 2 times
ROCHE away to the best gears, gap of the state into the domestic market
ROCHE guide and screw, to the best state into the domestic market
SSTC servo motor, with the best state into the domestic market

We will continue to provide the market with high cost performance products, efficient service, in your trust and support, have developed high quality, high ratio of performance to series products
We use the good faith and sincere cooperate with you to create a better future together; We will adhere to the fastest efficiency of customer service, the principle of the highest satisfaction provide service for you; In the long term we untiring efforts in order to meet your product is of high quality and high ratio of performance to demand...... .


PHT Planetary Gear Reducer, YYC Rack, AC Servo Driver & Motor, YYC Rack & Gear, SSTC AC Servo Drives, SSTC AC Servo Motors, Rotating Shaft, YYC Precision Grinding Straight Rack, ROCHE Ball Screw, YYC Precision Grinding Helical Gear, YYC Precision Grinding Straight Gear, ROCHE Linear Guideway, Brushless Motor, YYC Precision Quenched Helical Rack, YYC Precision Milled Straight Rack


Number of Total Employees: 50-100
Year Established: 1999
Total Annual Sales (USD): USD200million
Export Market: Global, Mainland China
Brand Name: SSTC
Capital (USD): RMB 1 million
Business Type: Manufacturer
Competitive Advantages: * Absolute value feedback plus synchronicity
* Stable performance under either low- or high-speed operation, high torque, and low vibration
* Resolution: 65536~4 million colors (single-turn)

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