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Brushless motor
Brushless motor Hot

Model:RSM60,RWM90,SM10 Country of Origin:China, Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Brushless DC motor with a DC brush motor characteristics, but also the frequency of the device, also known as DC inverter, the international generic term for the BLDC. Brushless DC motor operating efficiency, low-speed torque, speed control precision than any inverter even better, it is worth concern to the industry this product has produced more than 55kW, can be designed to 400kW, can solve the energy-saving and performance-driven industry needs.
  Drive from the power electronic devices and integrated circuits, etc., and its function is to: Accept the motor start, stop, the brake signal to control the motor start, stop and braking; accept the position sensor signal and Reversible signal used to control the inverter off the power tube to produce a continuous torque; receive speed command and speed feedback signals used to control and adjust the speed; providing protection and display. brushless DC motor is self-control run , so it will not start as the frequency control of synchronous motor under heavy as additional start winding in the rotor, it will not oscillate when the mutation load and out of step.
  1 rated speed :1500-5000r / min ;
  2. Output Torque: 0.5Nm-37N.m ;
  3. For the high and low pressure type drive are applicable ;
  4 with excellent speed characteristics ;
  5.Mt current series is equipped with high-precision electric scalar tachometer generator ;
  6, IP65 protection for certain workplace ;
  7. MT20/30/40/52 series with optional encoding.
  Company's products are widely used in: CNC machine tools, cutting and welding equipment, textile machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, plastic machinery, electronic equipment, construction machinery, robotics, robots, medical equipment and other kinds of application areas.
  Popular products in the world, our mission is through our technology and products that enable our customers more competitive in the industry.


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