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Camouflage EVA Foam Tray
Camouflage EVA Foam Tray

Model:C+EVA+PE(Patented) Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:EVA, PE

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Ingredient :
1.Low Density Polyethylene.
2.Polyethylene vinyl acetate tables EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer).
3.Calcium carbonate CaCO3 (talc).
4.Bridging, Foaming agent DCP etc.

Characters :
1.EVA raw material contains tiny acid that might cause metal rusty if there is no rustproof treatment on the surface of tools.
2.EVA is inexpensive, easy to process, and light. It is applied to make commodity and industrial products.
3.EVA has excellent chemical resistance and solvents resistance, such as toluene solvent, soiled oil, pine fragrance, washing solvent, machins oil, and WD40 etc.
4.The bubble struction of EVA FOAM is independent and even. It is water non-absorbent, excellent recovery, lightweight, and impact-resistant absorbent.

Thickness:40 mm
Sheet Size:W1200 mm x L2300 mm
Application:Upper layer
(Few acid in EVA, metal tools need to be rush-proofed well)

It consists of gray, black, and brown.
The size of the colors changes randomly and the blocks are clear.
The jungle fashion style suits as the packaging materials for survival games and military accessories.


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