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The prosperity of the industry vary from minute to minute, we based on rooted in Taiwan, sustainable development as the goal, efforts to develop the packaging and application for hand tools, electronic products, and sports goods. Expecting EVA and PE products process continues to break the traditional thinking. All of our staff are together to provide good suggestions for the packaging of your product, hope both of us can full communicate and find the best way to understand each other. Wish the product having the best correction and marketing to all the world.

Hazel’s Product:

Design & Develop various kinds of PE and EVA FOAM (foaming) fixed cushion for hand-tools, protective soft pad, drawer pad inside of tool-cart.
Various kinds of EVA and PE special-shape, irregular in shape suitable for electronics, precision instruments, hand tools, sports equipment, as well as all kinds of products fixed pad, cushion, soft pad, tool protection pad, anti-collision cushion, knee cushion, lying pad, work pad, can be maded according to your instructions.
Thermoelectric integrates Two-color EVA and PE sheets according to the color and thickness you request. (Using hot melt method to EVA or PE material to integrate sheets together without any adhesive)

(1) EVA / PE / PU Foaming board.
(2) EVA and PE Foam tray via CNC method for well packing and protecting tools / auto repairing equipment / precision products.
(3 Patented products - 3 function in 1 foldable pad that can be changed the height or length for lying, kneeling, or sitting when you are doing various work.
(4) Standing-decompression Flexible Mat
(5) Ergonomic ultra-light slippers.
(6) Clever combinable mat & wall-sticker (Non-toxic, non-odor, Safe LDPE foam).
(7) Real wooden collection box for tools, product & souvenirs via CNC method.
(8) Real wooden home furnishings via CNC method.
(9) Real wooden trolley system via CNC method.
(10)Laser Engraving
=> metal, wood, acrylic, EVA, EPE, PE, paper, plastic, glass, and mineral......etc.
(11)Laser Cutting
=> wood, acrylic, EVA, EPE, PE, and paper......etc.

Best Friend Enterprise Co., Ltd., keeps the principle of “To work well, must sharpen the tools first” to develop products in packaging and applications for hand tools, auto repairing equipment, or precision products.

We continues to break through the traditional thinking and innovate the process of EVA and PE products. Also, we keep increasing our equipment, and promote our skill, hope to make the products suitable for all kinds of purposes in various industries.


Formed Products Processing, Laser Engraving, EVA sheet, Nbr Handle, EVA Grip, Kneeling Pads, Sitting Pads, PE/EVA Foam, EVA Printed, Wood Chairs, Wood table, Wooden Storage Racks, Fitness Bike, Wood Boxes, Wooden Cupboard-Tables or Desks, Wood Stands, Wooden Decorations, Packaging Materials


Address: No. 52, Ln. 245, Chenggong Rd., Taiping Dist., Taichung City 411, Taiwan
Telephone: 886-4-2273-2288
Fax: 886-4-2273-8877
URL: www.hazel-tw.com

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