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Rotary Type Rain Boots Automatic Injection
Rotary Type Rain Boots Automatic Injection

Model:NSK-375 Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

The molds of the former vertical injection molding machine for rain boots was liable to wear down. The quality of rain boots was not good and the machine was not easy to operate. Therefore, we adopted the latest technique to develop the "Auto rotary injection molding machine for rain boots”. The molds of NSK-375 can run the switch gear automatically and save the manpower. With the "Wind pressure auto molding system”, the operators can easily remove finished products from the molds without damaging the lasts so that the molds can last longer.

Moreover, the NSK-375 adopts direct-pressure injection which generates high pressure. It can produce boots of different sizes at the same time. The high clamping pressure ensures the quality of products. The machine can produce boots of different sizes or heights simultaneously, which reduces production time. Furthermore, the machine also can produce sandals if we change the mold.

·The NSK-375 is the first machine with the photo-cell digital locating system in Taiwan. It is easy to adjust precisely the ejection quantity.
·The machine is specially designed for producing rain boots. It’s automatic, economical, efficient and easy to operate.
·The machine is controlled by hydraulic system and it can adjust clamping pressure and can work at high speed.
·The NSK-375 has eight (8) molds; freely select their usage; molds can be opened and closed manually or automatically.

Rotary Type Rain Boots Automatic Injection
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