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KOU YI was established by our founder, Mr. Wen Song Jiang, in 1959. At the beginning based on our years of experience in manufacturing mainly hydraulic extort oil machines to consolidate our well technique in design and manufacture hydraulic type machine later on.

After several years of efforts and a large sum of research budget, we developed foaming soles jointing and ejecting molding machine series NSK-294, which was issued successfully under all industries passionate expectations and wishes in 1981. The issue of machine model series NSK-294 solved various tough difficulties in shoes industries immediately and saved labors of 30-40 workers (each production line) to save huge labor cost for shoes industries in Taiwan and other countries and enhance product qualities and production capacities. Through several years of research again, we developed two-color and three-color machine model series NSK-294-2C and series NSK-393-3C in 1984.

Our main products are listed as the following:
(1)One/two/three color sport shoe injection and jointing molding machine.
(2)One/two color rain boots injection molding machine.
(3)Air blowing sole injection molding machine.
(4)One/two color sandals, slippers, and plastics-shoe injection molding machine.
(5)One/two color sole injection molding machine.
(6)E.V.A foaming injection molding machine.
(7)P.U/T.P.U injection molding machine.

Our machines get several patents and awards, we win leadership in Taiwan’s relevant field and achieved ISO-9002 Certificate, and export our machines to America, Africa, Australia, Europe and surely other countries in Asia. All the vital parts and systems in our machine are imported from either Japan or Europe with well brand. We are not satisfied with above, endeavor to do everything better. In order to promote our products, we add precise studying equipment and train our R & D people continually, and also demand that all design, manufacture and material all spare parts and components should get our better and better request target. To strengthen our inside management, and quality control to manufacture the best machines to against more and more harsh competition in markets and provide our perfect service to customers.


Air-blowing Sole Injection Molding Machine, Single/Double Color Sole Injection Molding Machine, Single/Double Color Sandal, Slipper, Plastic Shoes Injection Molding, Machine, Single/Double Color Rain Boot Injection Molding Machine, One/Two/Three Color Sports Shoes Injection Molding Machine and Jointing Machine, Dingle/Double Color Sandal, Shoemaking Machines, Plastic Rain Boots Macking Machines, Vertical Injection Molding Machines, Automatic EVA Injection Molding Machines


Number of Total Employees: 23
Year Established: 1959
Production Mode: OEM, ODM, OBM
Export Market: Global
Brand Name: KOU YI
Business Type: Manufacturer


Address: No. 10, Alley 50, Lane 305, Chungshan Rd., Sec. 3, Tantzu Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan 427
Telephone: 886-4-2533-1108/10
Fax: 886-4-2532-2911
URL: www.kouyi.com.tw

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