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X-Wall MX
X-Wall MX

Model:X-Wall MX Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:80-pin TQFP Color:black

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

X-Wall MX, a SATA-to-SATA real-time crypto module, is capable of encrypting any SATA disk or solid-state drive in their entirety real-time at a sustained data through put of over 120 MB/sec. The X-Wall MX sits between the host SATA and the device SATA disk drive, encrypting the entire SATA drive with AES ECB/CBC 256-bit strength. With full FIPS 140-2 level 3 validation for physical security, the X-Wall MX meets the growing security needs of government agencies and enterprises today. The X-Wall MX is OS independent and compliments all authentication mechanisms, including Government CAC/PIV. Key management is versatile and supports authentication through CAC/PIV, TPM, PIN, biometrics, Single Sign On and USB type tokens.

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