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Founded in April 2000, Enova Technology focuses on developing and marketing hardware real-time encryption solutions. In its early days Enova focused on bringing encryption ASIC chips. Today it has transformed to a full profile of encryption product and solution providers. With many years’ hard working and efforts, Enova won significant US defense contractors orders that integrated Enova security solutions into US Air Force fighter jets including F16, Apache helicopters, unmanned vehicles, cruise missiles and several successful commercial implementations. All Enova’s product and solutions offered are both NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and CSE (Communications Security Establishment) and FIPS 140-2 (Federal Information Processing Standard) certified.
Enova®'s leading-edge hardware based encryption products address the increasing requirement for privacy and confidentiality, satisfying the growing demand for maximum security. While the technology is totally transparent to the end user and requires no user intervention, Enova®'s solution ensures real-time system performance is maintained with zero performance degradation. Enova®'s X-Wall Secure Product family ensures only authorized users are able to access protected information residing on client machines which guarantees maximum security and peace-of-mind for users in the event of system loss or theft.


Cryptographic Processor, Cryptographic Module, Hardware Encryption, Sata-To-Sata Crypto Module, USB-To-USB Crypto Module, AES 256-Bit Strength


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