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Universal Floor Spring

Universal Floor Spring

JPF-760 Series
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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

JPF-760 Series
Universal Floor Spring
is designed for heavy traffic door, compact design & low profile cement case suits for thin-slab applications where
floor depth is limited.
Feature & Specification :
* Floor recess : 275mm x 82mm x 50mm
* Adjustable Closing & Latching Speed.
*Maximum door open angle 180°
*Mechanical Non-Hole, Hold Open at 90° and 105°.
* Adjustable Top Pivot is available
* Exchangeable Spindle design up to 50mm
*Cam system for easy door open.
* Closer mechanism adjustment in loose box for
Length : 8mm Width : 4mm Height :
* Max. Door Weight 150 kgs.
* Suitable for single & double action doors.

Technical Data
* Available for Light, Medium, and Heavy
Closing Size: Light to Heavy
Closing Force: 10 ~ 30 Nm
Max. Door Width: 1100 mm
Warranty – 2 Years

Universal Floor Spring
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