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A professional Manufacturer & Provider of Hardware Products ; that including of various kind of Stainless Ball Valves & Related Fitting, Flanges & Parts.., Building Hardware – Universal Floor Springs, various models of Door Closers, and metal materials and appliance products, and Machinery Equipments & Parts.

Company was founded in 1990 and located in central of Taiwan. We are specialized in die-casting, investment casting (Lost Wax Casting), forging, gravity casting, plastic and CNC machining parts in various kinds of material for different industries.

We also can produce “ CNC Precision Machined Metal Parts & Components“ by various different materials for Hardware parts, Automobile & Motorcycle Parts, Electronic Equipment Parts and Specific Metal Material or Components ODM & OEM, as customer’s specification and request.

OEM / ODM request is welcomed.
Our philosophy is to provide customer competitive price, excellent quality, punctual delivery and honest good service.


鉸鍊, 鏈條


公司成立年: 1990
生產模式: OEM 委託代工 , ODM 設計加工, OBM 自有品牌
外銷市場: 全球, 中東, 歐洲, 亞洲, 北美, 中南美, 澳洲/紐西蘭
公司類型: 製造商, 出口商, 貿易公司
優勢利基: Excellent Quality
Competitive Prices
On time Delivery
Best Service
公司名稱: 億寶聯開發有限公司