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Aluminum Housing  Worm Gear Speed   Reducer
Aluminum Housing Worm Gear Speed Reducer

Country of Origin:Taiwan

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1.High accuracy.
2.Enlarged facial area for a better heat radiating and durability promoting.
3.Light duty and compact design.
4.Less expenses on maintaining.
5.Oil change is an optional.
6.Capability of back-drivable.
7.Higher strength design on hollow output shaft.
8.Enhanced input shaft made of Cr-Mo alloy steel under carburized heat treatment.
9.Numerous accessories with a wider collocation.
10.Transmission of power with minimized vibration and noise level.
11.Aluminum alloy casting for size #30-#90 and cast-iron casting for size #110-#150.
12.General design on dimensions for a higher compatibility.
13.Extensive applicability.
14.Available for universal mounting positions.
15.Rusting free from power coating casting parts.

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