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Helical Bevel Gear Reducer
Helical Bevel Gear Reducer

Model:KNM Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:High Strength 20CrMo Alloy Steel Pinion & Gear Color:Grey

Detail Specifications / Descriptions

1.DESIGN CONCEPTS: the combination of standardization and modularization allows interchangeability with international leading brands, while keeping structure rigidity and compactness.

2.ENERGY EFFICIENCY: leveraging the advantage of high accuracy of helical gears, the reducers perform at 90% efficiency with higher stability and lower noise level.

3.RATIOS COVERAGE: 3 stages of reduction provides a wide range of ratio accommodation from 1/8~1/215 more than worm gear reducers.

4.LOADING CAPACITY: available with power ranges from 1/4hp up to 60hp depending on different requirements and applications.

5.TENSILE STRENGTH: bevel gears and helical gears are made with 20CrMo alloy steel plus carburizing heat treatment to enhance performance.
SPACE EFFICIENCY: 90° transmission and compact configuration for minimizing mounting space.

6.INSTALLATION FLEXIBILITY: all models are designed for a choice of mounting position (M1~M6) specified by customers.

7.APPEARANCE AESTHETICS: the products are designed with modern exterior while maintaining high rigidity.

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