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Automatic Drilling & Tapping Machine
Automatic Drilling & Tapping Machine Hot

Model:MW2500-016 Country of Origin:Taiwan Material:To be advised Color:Color of product based on formal quotation sheet

Detail Specifications / Descriptions


This drill & tapping machine can use normal straight or oblique handle drill bit to drill holes as well as tapping bit to tap thread
Working table is an electronic magnet to efficiently attract and release work-piece
All the drill sleeves and tap fixtures are with rapid-adaptors convenient for fast replacement of cutters
Tapping adaptors are with torsion control to prevent tap bits from being twisted off
The ideal design of the Forward/Reverse switch handle makes tapping operation efficiently and can even tap on the high hardness steel


The rotation speed of our drill press machine can be changed quickly during running to make operation more convenient
Available to be installed with revolving cutters table for fast replacement of cutters
The motor is designed with circuit breaking protection
For Auto-Feeding, this machine comes with three feeding rates and drilling force control unit as well
1) Three feeding rates are available: 0, 0.15 or 0.25. Please select the suitable one according to the size of drill bit and material of work-piece for drilling
2) When drill bit is worn out, this unit will drive feeding intermittently or stop feeding. Once feeding becomes hard to make a hole, please be sure to replace a new drill bit or re-sharpen the worn out one in order to prevent the drilling tool and machine body from being damaged
For breaking chips, this machine comes with 3 intermittent breaking rates:
To perform Auto-feeding operation, please choose proper feeding rates according to different drill bits and material so that can discharge chips easily
Compliant with CE standard (Optional)


Drill Capacity: 1/4"~1-1/4" (6~32mm)
Tapping Capacity: 3/8"~1-1/8" (10~30mm)
Power: 220V/230V, 3-Phase, 2HP
R.P.M.: (H) 756 / 456 / 303 (L) 186 / 127 / 51
Feeding Stroke: 100mm
Body Stroke: 150mm
Distance of Spindle End to Base Plate: 1000mm
Distance of Spindle End to Table Top: 630mm
Diameter of Column: 102mm
Diameter of Table: 420mm
Base Working Area: 600 x 360mm
Table Stroke: 480mm
Height: 1590mm
Fittings Weight: 8kgs
Machine Weight: 215kgs

Standard Accessories:
(1) Torsion Fixture Standard Fitting: 7pcs
(2) Drill Sleeve Standard Fitting: 3pcs
The product pictures are for your reference only: final spec & accessories based on formal quotation

Automatic Drilling & Tapping Machine
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