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Established in 1981, Handy-Age is a Taiwan-based professional Export and Trading Company offering a wide range of quality, innovative and profitable items.

With a solid foundation in high quality Tools and Machinery, Handy-Age has strong connections with over 180 Taiwan factories, all highly experienced in OEM and ODM. Enabling precise communication and shipping services, clients save time in coordinating with just one contact window!

The passionate and professional team at Handy-Age dedicate themselves in placing customers as first priority and it is always a pleasure to welcome your further contacts.


气动工具, 园艺工具, 手工具, 工具机械配件, 工具, POS周边和配件, 磨刀器, 开瓶器, 手工具组, 美工刀, 扳手, 组合扳手, 扭力扳手, 套筒扳手组合与套筒, 钳子, 皮带打孔器, 脚踏车修理工具, 黄油枪, 磁性工具, 虎钳, 钻床虎钳, 花剪, 螺丝起子, 电钻, 冲击扳手与气动套筒, 喷枪, 搪孔机, 夹头


公司名称: 亨地实业股份有限公司
地址: 106 台北市安和路二段65号11楼
电话: 886-2-2755-2406
传真: 886-2-2701-2320
网址: www.handyage.com