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Double Point Multi-Link Presses

Double Point Multi-Link Presses

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An Innovative Model of Press Technology for the New Century.
●A new innovation seamlessly meshes link-motion and high speed action together!
●High performance, high precision, high rigidity with low vibration and low noise are the common design ground rules
of high speed presses on the market. These, naturally, are also the ultimate objectives of our CBL series presses.
●CBL double point multi-links presses combine the features of link-motion and the essence of high speed presses
elegantly together. It brings revolutionary break through in link presses operation.
●Unique multi-links structure not only completes advantage of link presses but also high production due to the high
speed operation.
●Patented multi-links motion minimizes the noise and vibration of the traditional high speed presses operation. These
not only guarantee the products' accuracy, extend the service life of dies, and improve the surrounding noise in the
press shop.

Multi-Links: High productivity
●The most advantageous feature of Patented multi-links, slow touch, not only increases plastic metal flow forming ability but also prolongs the die life due to less impact to dies. These factors contribute to stable product accuracy and also reduce the noise and vibration of machines dramatically.
● The frame is of a straight side structure. Through computer aided analysis we devise a high rigidity structure, which makes high speed, high precision press operation possible.
● High precision, high production rate, high rigidity, low vibration, and low vibration, and low noise are the consistent, ultimate goals sought after by other press manufacturers. CBL series is the outcome of the combination of the factors mentioned, and strict design disciplines. This is an innovative, emerging model, and the most essential component for the modern high speed fine cold forming applications.
●CBL series with its unique super quality fully extends the press operation to its limits, Processes with compound work, heavy loads and high precision, are the requirements, and cannot be achieved using standard models from other press builders, but CBL series fully realizes them!

Capacity : 200 Tons~600 Tons
Bolseer Area : 1500~2500mm
Stroke Length : 50~180 mm
Strokes per minuter : 50~100 spm
Spec. as customers' requirement


Double Point Multi-Link Presses
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