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SANES, established in 1980, has mastered the manufacture of mechanical press and forging press machines.
SANES presses are designed to meet all your both usual and unusual requirements, while providing smooth production.
Through tireless quality improvements and developments over years we have gained the confidence and a good reputation from our customers to keep on developing new models.
SANES had successfully developed the Japan market in 1985. Asahi Forge Co., Ltd. A famous forging factory in Japan, imported our forging press nine years ago, reassure our quality.
SANES successfully developed the first link press set in Taiwan in 1991, which overcame the problems of the traditional mechanical presses. The slow engaging speed and high withdrawing speed considerably reduce noise and vibration during operation, improve operation environment and high precision products, while maintain high rigidity and high throughput production.
We earned the "Forging Technique Development Award" From the China Forging Association in 1994, for the superior quality of our link press. The quality of our link press has received recognition around our customers, the industry and the academic circles.
The newest GL series press for higher power works has an operation speed that slows down when approaching the die, at the same time, maintains a high approach speed for efficient production like all our link motion model's More over, it slows down while approaching the upper dead point. This slow speed provides a small brake angle that perfectly synchronizes with the timing of feeding equipment As a result, it produces more precisely manufactured products, and allows smoother production processes
Precision products and excellent after-sales service are SANES management goal.
SANES also won its CE certification in 1997, which is another assurance of our workmanship.
SANES will always be your most sincere partner in your prosperous business. When you think of SANES, our motto: "Sincere, Smooth, and Special" will quickly flash into your mind.
Choosing SANES to be your business partner is another wisest decision you will ever make.


Precision Power Prrsses, CNC Power Presses, CNC Punch Presses, Hydraulic Punch Presses, High Speed Precision Power Presses, Cold Forging Presses


Export Market: Global, The Middle East, Asia (Except China), North America, Mainland China, Central & South America, Australia/New Zealand
Business Type: Manufacturer


Address: No. 3, Kejia 2nd Rd., Douliu City, Yunlin County, Taiwan 64057
Telephone: 886-5-551-9922
Fax: 886-5-551-0033
URL: www.sanes-press.com

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