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Tri-Roller Embossing Machine

Tri-Roller Embossing Machine


Detail Specifications / Descriptions

[Equipment features]

1. The gap between two rollers can be adjusted
by the thickness of the product.
2. The roller heating temparature is at an
acceptable range to function properly.
3. After the roller is heated, the accuracy is
within the controllered range.
4. The middle roller can be adjusted according
to product requirements.
5. The speed of the equipment can be adjusted
with the produciton line.

[Mechanical equipment is suitable for]

1. Non-woven related products and materials.
2. Soft metal embossing.
3. Thermoplastic embossing.

[Device function description]

1. Roller type: according to the customer's order
Smooth roller two
Embossing roller one
2. Wheel lift type Oil pressure lift
3. Heating method selection :
Heat medium oil cycle:
A. Steam boiler
B. Electric furnace
C. Other heat sources
4. Roller outer diameter 200mm-600mm
Roller length 500mm-6000mm

[Other customized services]

1. Roller diameter
2. Roller width
3. Heating method
4. Does it require heating
5. Rolling speed per minute

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