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Chen Yu Enterprise Co., Ltd. manufactures professional machines for thermal-bonded nonwoven fabrics production; for over 30 years the firm has been rolling out professional nonwoven fabrics production equipment, like calendering machines, embossing machines, gluing machines, custom-made roller heat press machines, dryers and calendaring (embossing) planishing machines. These machines are suitable for high-quality nonwoven fabric products for tablecloth underside fabric, blankets, carpets, car carpets, artificial leather base, needle-punched cotton and felt.

General Manager Lee Lien-Jung said the company’s high-temperature high-speed thermal-bonded nonwoven fabric calendaring planishing machine has automatic gap adjustment functions for high precision. The machine can display numbers, allowing the operator to track gap adjustment. Also, the production speed can also be adjusted, with automatic shutdown functions when halted production or lowered temperatures occur. This guarantees product quality, decrease raw ingredient costs and production waste. The machine is also equipped with independent heat circulation installation and maintains independent temperature adjustment on its three rollers, adjustable operational speeds, automatic machinery oiling and cooling functions. Suitable products to manufacture include diapers, the fabric in menstrual tampons, evening and pressing of nonwoven fabric, base fabric for shoes, lining, the leather fabric for wallets and couches.

Chen Yu Enterprise Co., Ltd.’s embossing/calendering machines operates on heat transfer fluids to heat up, therefore wastes less energy but maintains faster heating-up speeds. Temperature range can be controlled and reach temperatures as high as 250℃. Production speeds can meet clients’ demand, while production details are up to clients to decide.

The machine is equipped with precise embossing capabilities, comes in a compact size for optimal space and is easy to maintain.

Another newly manufactured calendaring machine comes with these features: fast production speeds, adjustable temperature control for different textile properties and employs heat transfer fluids equipment for heating up, allowing uniform distribution of heat. Other features include easy usability, long service life, accessible maintenance, hydraulic lift, gap adjustment device, precise embossing depth control. The machine is most suitable to handle products of different thickness, menstrual tampon and diapers, while maintaining high production with low waste capabilities and easy usability.

Chen Yu Enterprise employs high-speed automatic lathe and milling capabilities to produce different paper manufacturing machinery parts and nonwoven fabric making equipment. Jen Yu has successfully sold to countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Making equipment for nonwoven fabric are included; among that are updated embossing machines and planishing machines that address past production and quality flaws. These machines are fast with low defect ratio and high efficiency.

Paper production machinery parts include rolled dryers for paper rolls (φ5' length 120”), press roller (4M for press area), fabric press roller (7m in length), dryer gears (φ3M) and steam ball (φ3M).

Chen Yu has rolled out their own Auto Guided Vehicles as self-guided transport vehicles in face of global competition, aiming to satisfy more of their clients’ needs and expand their business to different areas.


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