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THD High Speed Precision Power Press

THD High Speed Precision Power Press

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The machine body are made of “Meehanite cast iron” with time annealing treatment, which is to ensure the stable quality and accuracy for long term operation.

Unique supporting structure designed for crankshaft mechanism to achieve high operating accuracy and impact resisting. It can reduce the operating heat & wearing, and can sustain the impacting & rebounding force in long term running.

The 2 plungers & 4 guiding posts are retaining in no-backlash bearings. It makes the slide have stable & high accuracy in long term operating, and avoids the side force for long service life to tooling.

With dynamic balancing device to avoid the inertia and vibration of slide unit during operating.

The no-backlash bearing for driving mechanism and slide unit with hydraulic locking device on die height adjusting screw, which brings the excellent stable accuracy of B.D.C position, even better than the special grade standard during high S.P.M operating.

With die stick releasing device for high frame rigidity & operating accuracy, and to reduce the maintaining time on tool for higher productivity.

Oil cooling system with temperature control function, to keep the stable operating temperature condition and accuracy.

User-friendly control system with necessary connecting ports reserved for AI utilization expanding.

**Working Moive: https://youtu.be/9oT7HFKw-10

THD High Speed Precision Power Press
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