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1984 May
Established CHANG-TSANG Machinery Company, located at CHANG MA RD, CHANGHUA City, making power press, shearing machine, hydraulic bending machine etc.

1986 August Increasing capital investment, reorganizing the company and changing the company name to “YU CHIN Machinery Company”. Developing C type high speed precision power press as THS series 20, 40 tons and putting on market in this year.

1989 April
Reorganizing the company to the “YU CHIN Machinery Co., Ltd.” continuing making the above products. Meanwhile developing single-crank power press as NCP series from 25 tons to 260 tons and exporting abroad.

1990 September
Developing double crank power press as NDP series from 110 tons to 250 tons.

1991 November
Developing single crank power press as SHS series.

1992 June
Having developed straight-side high speed precision power press as THD series, the tonnage below 100 tons.

1994 August
Having developed straight-side double-crank power press as SHD series, the tonnage below 200 tons.

1995 June
Established SINO GROUP, using “SINO” as trade mark, expanding domestic and abroad market.

1995 August
To be expanding the company scale, the company having bought 7590 m2 area in CHANG PIN INDUSTRIAL ZONE, and building a new modern factory to achieve standard / batch production for international market.

1997 March
Increasing capital investment and moving to CHANG PIN INDUSTRIAL ZONE new factory. Opening to the market with a new start and image, and growing with competitor by reasonable price and excellent quality.

1998 May
Wet type CLUTCH & BRAKE STSTEM have been developed.

1999 March
Link-Motion press series have been developed.

1999 August
ISO 9002 certificate approved.

2001 July
Combining Hong Kong / China company as “SINO Group Company”,
and increasing capital again.

2001 October
Rising star award rewarded.

2002 August
ISO 9001 (2000 year) certificate approved.

2002 September
China new factory open and be in function.

2003 October
Developing straight side double crank press with transfer robot as TP series.

2004 July
Developing new C type high speed presision power press as HSP series.

2004 October
Developing “H” frame double crank press as HDP series.

2005 February
Developing “H” frame single crank press as HCP series.

2005 April
Developing straight side high speed precision single crank press as HS1 series.

2006 July
Developed wet type C & B for NCP-110.

2006 October
Having developed straight side high speed precision double crank press THD series.

2007 June
Record of manufacturing SHD-600.

2007 October
Having developed straight side high speed precision double crank press HS2 series.

2008 January
To be the cooperator of NIIGATA KIKAI CO., LTD (JAPAN), manufacturing quality recognized by JAPAN market.

2008 March
Having developed H frame double crank press (8-gibs) HEP series.

2008 June
Selling SHS-600, SHS-500 and SHS-300 in Japan market.

2009 February
Having developed wet type C&B for 60 ~ 250 tons press.

2009 February
Having been certified for complying new safety regulation and product registration certification on NCP-15~NCP-200 series.

2010 September
ISO 9001(2008 year) certificate approved.

2010 October
Having been certified for complying new safety regulation and product registration certification on NDP-110/160/200、HCP-25~HCP-260 series.

2011 January
Having developed moving bolster for SHD-600 press.

2012 February
Upgrade HS2 model with linear bearing on gibs, slide lock and die stick release device applied etc for better lamination stamping utilization.
2013 May
Developing HDP-600 (H frame model / 600 tons capacity).

2014 July
Purchasing RM-3000 testing device from Japan, RIKEN KEIKI NARA MFG. CO., LTD. for better total quality / stability products developing & controlling.

2015 January
Record of manufacturing SHD-800 with moving bolster.

2016 November
Having developed straight side 4-point crankless SP4 model press 150 tons capacity for special coining / sizing / trimming purpose.

2017 August
TP model press with progressive tool, auto feeding equipment and transfer robot for motor case deep drawing job, which breaks into India market successfully.

2018 June
Remodified SHS model for big size lamination stamping sold in Turkey successfully.

2018 September
Remodified THD in structure / stroke length / capacity for the motor producing in electrical driving automobile field.

2018 October
ISO 9001 (2015 year) certificate approved.

2019 March
Put the re-modified THD-220 in TIMTOS on MAR. successfully, and get the orders from China and India.


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Year Established: 1984
Production Mode: OEM, ODM, OBM
Export Market: Global
Brand Name: Power Press Machine
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter

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