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Strength and quality:
Stability and high strength are not the only requirements for drive shaft in cars. Carbon fiber materials have the characteristics of lightweight and high strength. Yifeng Technology uses the carbon fiber materials which have more than three times stronger than steel materials in the same volume but is only one-third lighter than steel.
The carbon fiber driveshaft is lighter than the steel driveshaft so that the transmission inertia can be lower to avoid losses during engine power output. The carbon fiber driveshaft can be more sensitive while speeding up.
Features of torque:
The carbon fiber driveshaft has higher torque tolerance than the steel driveshaft. The exact torque of carbon fiber pipe manufactured by Yifeng Technology has surpassed 4500nm which can still back to the original angles after the torque test. However, the steel driveshaft starts to distort at 1200nm and cannot back to the original angles.

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