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Production process

Carbon fiber prepreg is a composite material made of carbon fiber yarn and a resin matrix, and is processed through processes such as coating, baking, cooling, and coiling. It is also called carbon fiber prepreg.
YFCM uses Japanese Toray high-grade carbon fiber yarn to impregnate the epoxy resin used for the special carbon fiber drive shaft through a prepreg baking machine, and adjust the appropriate baking temperature to control the epoxy resin content at about RC30%. This prepreg method can stably control the content of epoxy resin, and the product produced is light in weight, strong in rigidity and good in durability.
High strength and low density, the strength of carbon fiber prepreg can reach 6-12 times that of steel, and the density is only a quarter of that of steel. According to the shape of the mold, it can be made into any shape. It is easy to form and easy to process. Corrosion resistance and long life.
YFCM uses the autoclave method to produce carbon fiber tubes. The wound carbon fiber tube material is placed in an autoclave, pressurized and heated to solidify the material, and then the laminate is pressurized under the action of the internal air pressure. since air pressure exists in all directions, it can beused to pressurize parts with uneven surfaces. pressure and temperature canbe controlled by a preset change curve. the purpose of pressing during thecuring process is to make the material dense and eliminate the gaps between he layers. the excess resin is then squeezed out of the fiber while bringing out air bubbles. at this point, the pressure of the autoclave can squeeze out the excess resin, so that the layers are completely bonded together. make product quality more stable
Dry carbon fiber tube winding process
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