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Co-rotating Twin Screw Automatic Metering / Weighing / Conveying Pelletizing Compounding Line

Co-rotating Twin Screw Automatic Metering / Weighing / Conveying Pelletizing Compounding Line

CK-HT series
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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

Possible materials :
TPU, PLA, PVA, SEBS, EVA, Hot-melt adhesive, Special resin, and Micro pellets, etc.


2. Human-machine interface control system
The features of high-level human-machine interface control system include program detection control, synchronized proportional speed control, remote monitoring, and production parameters adjusting.

1. Operator friendly
The co-rotating twin screw underwater pelletizing compounding extrusion line equipped with human machine automation system that controls every stage of the production processes from materials feeding, extruding, pelletizing, dehumidifying to storing. It is operator friendly and greatly saves manpower.

2. One-stop-shop service
CYKF provides complete plastic extrusion lines for customers. For compounding demands, we can give suggestions for integration of auxiliary equipment to solve customers’ problems. Our services include consulting, equipment integration, installation, and maintenance. We make your work easier and quicker.

3. Durable and steady
Thanks to our strict policy in product quality that makes our extrusion lines durable and steady, some lines are still operating at customers' site even after 20 years. The equipment built by CYKF has won affirmation and praises from customers worldwide.

Case Study: https://www.cykf.com.tw/en/article/CK-80HT-Plastic-Extrusion-Pelletizing-Line.html

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