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Bale Opener with Weight Equipment

Bale Opener with Weight Equipment

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

● After the raw material enters the Bale Opener through manual feeding or automatic feeding for preliminary fiber opening, a metering device is attached at the exit of the machine to output quantitatively according to the required set demand value.
● Depending on the output and blending ratio needs, choose 2 or more Bale Opener to use together.
● Multiple Bale Opener output the raw materials quantitatively according to the set value and fall on the conveyor belt of the Opener, so that two or more kinds of raw materials are stacked and then entered into the Opener for opening and mixing.
● According to the design and matching required by each customer, manual feeding or automatic feeding or a combination of the two can be used.
● The equipment is easy to operate and easy to maintain, and the measured value data can be recorded and stored for easy analysis. Data recording device (optional)

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