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Circular Intellectual Auto Bale Opener  BCM

Circular Intellectual Auto Bale Opener BCM


The Bale Opener that can think ● Auto regulate the material feed adapt to different requirement. ● Full automatic opening sending and mixing of the ...

Super High Fine Opener   SFO

Super High Fine Opener SFO


● The gauge of grids is adjusted by feed roller complete. There is the optimum gauge between beater and grids and ensures that having the best contro...

Super Mono-Beater  SMR-806

Super Mono-Beater SMR-806


● Use large diameter beater and design of excellent centrifugal force and grid bar control to go with airflow and auxiliary control to achieve the cap...

Regrind Opener

Regrind Opener


● Untie the raw materials into an open state. ● The regrind produced in the spinning process can be fed in a stable and appropriate ratio with the ra...

Bale Opener (Conveyor)

Bale Opener (Conveyor)


● Bale Opener can to go with auto bale opener and enable the raw material feeding to this machine, or using manual feed for the initial mix up, then r...

Multi Mixer -4 Chamber

Multi Mixer -4 Chamber


● The mixer itself not only can be used to mix raw material, with unique beater structure inside it can also open raw material more evenly. ● Feed ro...

Bale Opener with Weight Equipment

Bale Opener with Weight Equipment


● After the raw material enters the Bale Opener through manual feeding or automatic feeding for preliminary fiber opening, a metering device is attach...

Chute Feeder

Chute Feeder


● Chute Feeder is design by using an unique pressurized system, and well structure of exhaust system, which ensures the even of both sides and the mid...

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