1. EPnS Water-Based Wood Coating - INDOOR

1. EPnS Water-Based Wood Coating - INDOOR

Detail Specifications / Descriptions
EPnS Water-Based Wood Coating - INDOOR series have 5 outstanding features, which are:

It has strong characteristic of anti-scratch, which is 10 times better
than The National Standard.

The surface is very smooth and good finger-touch.

The heat-resistance can last six hours for 180℃ and will not cause any conditions of stickiness or whitening. (You even can put the boiling hot pot on its surface for six hours, it won't cause any damage to the coating)

It dries fast which can increase working efficiency more than three times*

*the drying period can be adjusted based on your needs

EPnS Water-Based Wood Coating is highly safe, it doesn't consist of any heavy
metals and toxic chemical materials.




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